Consequences for violence should be taught in preschool


Graphic by Luke Weisbrod

Kenzie Monson

According to the New York Times, there is a rise of crime among students before the age of 18. Students getting in trouble and getting sent to jail is not a new problem, but it is a concerning issue. It is important to make sure this stops happening by focusing on younger children so when they grow up they do not make poor choices. By starting at an early age, minors can learn those are poor choices so they do not end up in jail before the age of 18.

Students tend to make decisions such as doing drugs or stealing based on their environment because that is where they grow up and learn things about the world from. The teachers do not know their home lives so it is hard to tell how a person really is and what they are dealing with. If they have a rough home life with parents who do not care about them, they are most likely to make poor choices.

Nicholas D. Kristof, a journalist for the New York Times said that the best way to deal with inequality, poverty and crime is through the education system. The United States needs to teach parents to be better parents so that their kids do not end up the way they did and have to live that kind of life. End all of this in America so it can grow, and not end up with everyone in poverty.

That is a good way to look at it because when thinking about it, it is almost like that actually could be the answer to America’s problems. That way more students will not end up making those decisions that could jeopardize their entire futures and ruin their lives.

Kristof said, “Early education programs, including coaching of parents who want help. It is not a magic wand, but it’s the best tool we have to break cycles of poverty.” In order to help keep children out of prison, there are ways to prevent it by doing the things he has said.

This makes sense, because parents who want their children to grow up and make something of themselves will follow his advice and will help make sure their children end up with a decent life and not in jail. If starting early in a child’s life helps ensure they do not end up in prison, then that is what should happen.

Writer Roger Schank said, “One way to understand this issue is to listen to the parents of these underclass children speaks.” He’s saying, listen to the parents and try to understand the circumstances that they are in and try and help. Do not just sit there and do nothing.

That’s a really interesting point, because when people think about it, the people involved directly never really get heard. There are always situations that someone can help with, and there is someone that needs help. Everyone deserves a fair chance to have a decent life. When someone is getting sent to jail it is because they did something wrong. If you can get prevent that by paying attention to the students at school, then do it.

On the other hand, others feel like you should focus more on putting funds towards prisons, because then the public will be safe. The community wouldn’t be at risk of someone escaping from prison and coming after them. Also, just because you focus more on the children when they’re younger doesn’t mean that they won’t end up in jail. It just means we put a lot of money into training children how to stand still and play when they’re told to according to blogger Penelope Trunk. Kids want to be home at that age, playing and doing kid stuff. Not in a school when they already have enough of it when they get older.

Focusing on improving education and children at a young age is more beneficial than spending money for prisons that some kids will end up in. If they focus on the children and they learn what they need to know, then it will be easier for them to stay out of trouble and have a decent life.