Heating up the winter with intramurals

Intramural sports have always been a fun way to have some fun with your friends, with an addition to a little competition. Intramural winter sports are a huge hit here at the high school. Students who do not favor regular high school sports such as basketball, or did not make the team they desired  have a different option to have some fun and stay in shape every Monday.

Senior Johnny Randazzo is part of the basketball intramural team at the high school and claims it is a lot of fun whether they lose or win.

“The best part is playing with all your friends and making your team names,” said Randazzo.  Intramural sports at the high school are very common even with the normal athletes in general. It is an easy way to get involved and have fun at the same time.

Randazzo plays Center for his team and all the players coach each other.  He has been a part of the volleyball, dodgeball and basketball team within the past three years.

“My experience was really good, I had a lot of fun while being competitive at the same time.” ”

— Aidan Zurn.

“I have a lot of close buddies on the team which makes it a lot more fun for all of us, and making the competition even more strong which is always fun,” said Randazzo.

A lot of students enjoy playing intramural sports because they get the chance to be competitive while having fun playing a sport they do not regularly play. Senior Aidan Zurn has played intramural sports for the past two years, but this year wants to focus on his senior year season sports; baseball and football.

“My experience was really good, I had a lot of fun while being competitive at the same time,” said Zurn.

Zurn had played dodgeball and basketball through his sophomore and junior years. Aidan added,  “My favorite part was playing competitively  in sports I don’t get the chance to play often. ”  Zurn showed a lot of interest in intramural sports while talking about his past years being involved with them.

High school students have a big privilege of having winter intramural sports being available to students. Not a lot of schools have this opportunity and students take advantage of that which makes the game more fun.

There are many different types of advantages of being on an intramural team, whether it is becoming friends with more students, the competition, the game itself, or the age difference. Any grade from the high school is capable of playing these winter sports which makes it easy for students just coming into the high school to get their name out there and become close with people that have the same interests.

Sophomore Matt Johnson said, “I got to know a lot of other sophomores in the beginning of the year, but joining the basketball intramural team was a good idea. I’m glad I got to meet a lot of the upperclassmen this winter and become pretty close with them.”

Not many students know about the many kinds of intramural sports you can join, but for the ones that do, they all have said they enjoyed them completely.

They often give the students a lot of responsibility to create something they want it to be.  The only requirement is to pay a simple small fee, get a group of people to be a part of the team, and create a unique team name and you are all set for a great winter full of fun and competition. All the students in winter intramural sports recommend it to others who do not know much about it.