Freshmen start fairy garden business


Photo by Lorrie Shortridge

Students get business advice from business owner Tara Cadenhead.

Camryn Handberg, Staff writer

“Believe on wheels we fly” is the motto for the group of freshmen friends known as the Pixie Park Crew. Founder freshman Cathleen Costello started building accessible fairy gardens in her yard 3 years ago. She dreams of building this love of all things fairy into a business for her future. Costello has developed wonderful friendships with a crew of girls who share her passion for fairies and all magical creatures. The Pixie Park Crew has been creating and supporting inclusion together since 6th grade.

They entered their first adapted fairy amusement park in Da Vinci Fest in January of this past year winning 1st place as grand champions. After their win, the Pixie Park Crew started building fairy gardens for the spring fling craft sale at SAHS. Costello stated that this sale was the crew’s first business endeavor.

“We plan to continue building throughout the summer at my workshop in Oakdale, have at least three pop-up sales, and be part of the Fairies in the Park event in Oak Park Heights this July. We also plan to participate in the fall craft sale at the high school this October,” she said.

On April 5, the crew received a visit from local business owner Tara Cadenhead. After seeing a post from Erin Mathaus reaching out for fairy supply donations; Cadenhead asked to come and see what the crew was creating. Cadenhead later stated in a Facebook post that she was so impressed with the creations and the teamwork of the girls. During her visit, she gave the crew business advice and took pictures that she later posted to promote the spring fling craft sale that the crew was preparing for. Cadenhead also gave the crew a donation of fairy supplies that the girls put to good use in their magical creations. Costello and the crew hope to work with Cadenhead on future business opportunities.

The original name of the business was Cathleen’s Creations. As more friends joined the team the crew decided to change the name to Pixie Park Creations. With a crew of nine, they continue to imagine, design, create and build accessible fairy gardens and magical landscapes for all.

Check out to see some of their amazing creations and to find out about upcoming events and sales.