Epimoni being more than just a word


Roan is a senior at SAHS that started a clothing brand with a positive meaning behind it

Parker Ringold , Podcast

There is a student at SAHS whos a senior and goes by the name of Roan Hickey, also a football player with a passion for working out with his friends. Roan’s always had the dream of having his own clothing brand one day and now it is a reality. The brand Epimoni started in October. The brand is still just starting but he is making business and growing it day by day as a gym wear brand made for people with the motivation to chase there goals in life with no hold back.

Roan started the brand Epimoni with this name due to its Greek meaning of perseverance. Everyone in life faces struggles, obstacles and hardship at some point in there life, but it is what you make out of it that matters. This has been his motto ever since Roan started the brand in October. Even though it is just a brand, the word itself has a bigger meaning to Roan.

“I’ve always been interested in a clothing brand for a couple years now. It’s been something I was like, you know, it really represents uniqueness and kind of just paving your own path. I believe in what you wear that says a lot about you. So I thought it’d be cool just to have my own own brand and have a good meaning behind it. So I chose “Epimoni” which has been my motto every since.” Senior Student Hickey said.

Most teens are working a job after school or have sports, but Roan’s different. He wanted to do his own thing and see where it took him since its always been his dream to have  his own clothing line. With having a own clothing line there also comes a lot of stress that most would not see except Roan, but this is his passion.

“It’s been successful in a way, lots of my friends have been supporting me. I’ve had a couple sales outside my friend group, but it’s still so new I feel like you know, I’m still trying to get up and go on. I’ve been tweaking it everyday little by little to make it better and more appealing to people,” Senior Student Hickey said.

A lot of brands have trouble with the stuff that you don’t see from a outsider perspective, like the manufacture, mailing, the site and many more.

“I have not, No.  Just the fact of getting a reliable manufacturer has been the biggest issue but other than that, it’s been pretty easy and straightforward, except making sure I keep this separate from my school and always have school come first,” Senior Student Hickey said.

When people make clothing brands in high school there’s always a funny reason or a joke behind them, but this brand is targeted for people that are more about chasing there dreams in life and making those dreams come to realty.

“This brand is definitely meant for younger adults that are kind of transitioning into college or into the work world, because it’s a brand that inspires that type of person to just better themself everyday,” Senior Student Louis Hoye said.

When making a brand it is often helpful if you have friends that are willing to help out with it by advertise it just by wearing it or posting about it on social media.

“It was Rowan’s idea, but I have helped advertise by wearing it at school and posting about it on my fitness Instagram account,” Senior Student vaughn hybertson said.

“If your not looking to chase your goals and have become reality then this brand isn’t meant for you”-Roan Hickey