‘Outer Banks’ season Three impresses viewers


Fair use image from Netflix Media Center

Outer Banks season 3 came out on Feb. 23. The new season impressed viewers.

If viewers skipped watching season three of “Outer Banks,” they would miss an action-packed, plot twist-filled, incredible performance. 

In season three of “Outer Banks,” the action-packed storyline from the previous two seasons continues. The Pogues, a group of teens from the poorer side of Figure 8 in North Carolina, continue hunting for the Royal Merchant treasure and another newly discovered treasure found in the mystical El Dorado. They travel all around the world and go to places like Barbados, the Bahamas and South America. During season three, they make new allies, and enemies who are greedy for the infamous treasure of El Dorado and of course, the fame that comes with it and will stop at nothing to be the first person to find treasure. 

Season three of “Outer Banks” had many different strengths in many different areas. One strength of the season was the attention-grabbing plot.

The show has “turning points and things that keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the show,” junior Griffin Stone said.

Even with all of the plot twists that happened in the season, the plot was not difficult to follow. The plot was suspenseful but not predictable, cheesy or repetitive and “overall it was very entertaining,” junior Mackenzie Peters said.

With the always-changing plot, many new characters get involved but many stay right up in the center of the drama. With a show that has so many characters, the actors need to be able to catch the eyes of the viewers and perform well to really make their character come to life. Luckily, the actors of “Outer Banks” never fail to perform exceptionally well. In every episode of season three, the actors do a wonderful job at portraying the characters and bringing them to life.

Sophomore Alexis Ryberg said the actors do a very good job at showing the emotions of the characters. 

The plot was suspenseful but not predictable, cheesy or repetitive and overall it was very entertaining

— Mackenzie Peters

Another thing that “Outer Banks” does well is all of the technical aspects of the show. The special effects are believable and the stunts were performed flawlessly and looked realistic. The camera work had all of the right angles and the film crew knew exactly where to film. Due to the meticulous camera work, special effects and different locations, the season took seven months to film.

“I think it was definitely worth it because everyone loves it from what I’ve heard and it captured really different areas in the world too that most TV shows are filmed in so it’s something different,” Peters said.  

Viewers should not skip season three of “Outer Banks.” If they make the mistake of skipping it, they would miss the perfect combination of incredible acting, an enticing plot that is always changing and surprising you and the realistic effects that trick the viewer’s mind and will make the their heart skip a beat.