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Exchange students trip comes to an abrupt halt

Due to COVID-19, exchange students must return home sooner than expected. During one of her last days here, junior Siri Pomarius visits Stillwater Area High School one last time. She is feeling grateful for everything she experienced and thanks the many incredible teachers at Stillwater.
Fiona Stahl, Online Editor March 29, 2020

COVID-19 has left exchange students feeling disappointed and frustrated after their trip to Minnesota has been cut short. Many special experiences they anticipated have been lost. These students are not...

Sara Damon uses her skills from Fulbright to benefit students

Sara Damon helps her AP human geography students on a class assignment. Her experiences from the Fulbright scholarship helps her students who are struggling to complete their work.
Grace Sneden, Buisness Editor October 20, 2019

AP human geography and global studies teacher Sara Damon received the Fulbright scholarship last school year and spent January through June traveling to 11 different countries in Africa. Damon spent...

Maxwell and students leave for a trip of a lifetime

William Jacob, Amanda Maxwell and Brandon Maxwell in Tanzania. This was during one of the earlier trips they had travelled to Tanzania.
Elle Sprenger, Social Media Editor May 10, 2019

Each year in June, Brandon Maxwell English and AVID teacher accompanied by his wife and students will go on a trip to Tanzania. This year, the trip will include more stops, juniors Rachel Bernath and...

Lola Wallace, a lifetime globetrotter

Lola Wallace, a lifetime globetrotter
Jack Seipel, Social Media Editor February 20, 2018

Through the beautifully rocky and vibrant coast of Maui, Hawaii, blue and white breaking waves crash into the dried molten lava. 4,643 miles away in New Zealand, all is calm on the hillside, as the lush...

French students prepare to say au revior mid June

Students will have the opportunity to end their weeks in France with a couple days in Paris. Seeing the Eiffel Tower, visiting local sites, the shops and restaurants as well as see the beautiful museums in Paris. One of which will be The Louvre museum, which is the most visited museum in Paris. “We will get to climb to the top of the Eiffel tower, and get to see many gorgeous museums in Paris,” Parr says.
Mikayla Erf, Photographer February 24, 2016

  Nine plus hours of flying, 4,289 miles, and the trip of a lifetime. French students have the opportunity this summer of taking the once in a lifetime adventure of traveling through France. “France...

Kiedrowski traveled to Taiwan to teach junior high

  As Sunny Shaw and Matt Kiedrowski eagerly awaited to eat their bugs on a stick, their  adventurous spirit and positive attitude was demonstrated. While they were teaching in Taiwan it took courage to leave America and travel to a completely new place out of their comfort zone. However they welcomed their new life wholeheartedly. Part of living in a new place is experiencing the new culture. Kiedrowski explains, “The culture shock was still pretty significant. It’s almost like you wake up after three months and then you can think, okay now I’m back to normal. It takes that long.”
Sarah McCarthy, Photographer January 15, 2016

  Approaching the Taiwan coast with surfboards in hand, watching as the waves of the North Pacific Ocean crash peacefully upon the shore. Joined by friends of different cultures and background,...

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