The Pony Express

Kiedrowski traveled to Taiwan to teach junior high

  As Sunny Shaw and Matt Kiedrowski eagerly awaited to eat their bugs on a stick, their  adventurous spirit and positive attitude was demonstrated. While they were teaching in Taiwan it took courage to leave America and travel to a completely new place out of their comfort zone. However they welcomed their new life wholeheartedly. Part of living in a new place is experiencing the new culture. Kiedrowski explains, “The culture shock was still pretty significant. It’s almost like you wake up after three months and then you can think, okay now I’m back to normal. It takes that long.”

Sarah McCarthy, Photographer

January 15, 2016

  Approaching the Taiwan coast with surfboards in hand, watching as the waves of the North Pacific Ocean crash peacefully upon the shore. Joined by friends of different cultures and background, some of which speak a completely different language, they all examine the ocean current, mentall...

Kiedrowski reflects on his time teaching abroad

Braden Cousineau, Social Media Reporter

November 20, 2014

As Americans we tend to take a lot of things for granted. Most of us wake up every day to having all of our basic needs met. We have clean water to drink, nutritious food at our disposal and most importantly, a successful education system. Matt Kiedrowski social studies teacher, has had an opportunity...

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