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SAHS voted 21st safest school in the metro area

With constant eyes on the doors at the five entrances  SAHS, administration can detect if a crisis will be present. These staff members keep the students safe and protected from potential harm.

Joseph Devins, Field Reporter

December 7, 2018

Stillwater Area High School has been awarded with the 21st safest school in the Twin cities Metro Area. Assistant Principal Shelly Phernetton and Police Liaison Officer Lindsey Paradise have been taking necessary precautions to keep students safe. After countless tragedies, SAHS has decided to add mor...

Building entry times changed to increase security

Students stand patiently by the locked doors before 7:10, waiting for to be released into the building and begin the day.

Pony Express Staff

October 27, 2018

As students walk towards the school doors ready to enter the building for the day, they are stopped when the door does not open and a staff member comes out to tell them they have to wait. The school policy, newly enforced this year, does not permit students to enter the building before 7:10 a.m....

District security reforms ensure student safety

District security reforms ensure student safety

Joe Rice, Team Lead

January 17, 2015

Since the fall of 2014, schools in Stillwater have been improving the safety of both their staff and students. The high school is certainly no exception. Any student or visitor that arrives at the school after 7:40 a.m. will be met with a vast array of new danger detectors. This use of new technol...

New phone tries to make communications private

Ryan Burger

March 1, 2014

​The first phone to put privacy and control ahead of everything else is the main idea behind the Blackphone​. Not yet released commercially, the Blackphone is an extremely secure smartphone that allows the owner to customize their privacy and security with ease. On Feb. 24, it was released in Barc...

Target opens up about credit card scam

Over the Black Friday weekend Target Corp. was hit by an extensive theft of its customers’ credit-card and debit-card data.  The company later disclosed that thieves were believed to have stolen date from up to 1.5 million card accounts.

Cole Funk

February 24, 2014

“I’m usually retty good at keeping my bank account safe, but the recent Target scandal has me a little on edge,” said junior Megan Ellison.  “I work as a cashier for Target and we weren’t given very much information on it other than that it happened and that they fixed the problem.”  ...

Parents take an active role in censorship

Rose Bruschu

January 29, 2014

Every civilized society needs to have some rules and guidelines for how to define what is publicly acceptable. There have to be moral guidelines; if there were not rules there would be chaos. For instance, you can’t yell, “bomb” on an airplane and you can’t yell, “fire” in a crowded movi...

Levy passes and security enhances

Due to the 2013 levy passing security will be enhanced at the high school and both the junior highs. There will only be one big change, there is going to be a remodeling of the front entrance to the school. This will allow security personnel to keep a closer eye on who enters our school and for what purpose,” said Principal Don Johnson.

Cory Spawn

January 27, 2014

On Nov. 4, 2013, eligible voters within the Stillwater School District voted and approved a renewal and an increase of an operating levy 63 percent to 37 percent. Increasing school safety and security add to one of the main issues to be addressed. The increasing security will bring a better environ...

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