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Graduation, right around the corner

Graduation, right around the corner

Bella Anderson, Online Editor

May 8, 2017

This school year is coming to an end, the seniors will graduate after spending three years at Stillwater Area High School. They will move on with their lives either to a career or college. Yet the time they spent at SAHS was paramount to the development of skills and resources to help the seniors get to where they are today...

B.O.L.D. proposal: vote ‘yes’

B.O.L.D. proposal: vote 'yes'

Allie Langness, Online Editor-in-Chief

February 22, 2016

For the past couple of months, families and community members have been extremely concerned with Superintendent Pontrelli’s “B.O.L.D.” proposal to close three schools: Marine, Withrow and Oak Park Elementary schools. After sifting through all of the facts and information that has been brough...

Dance Team starts Revolution

Emily Ness, Anchor

November 18, 2014

The Revolution dance team is taking Stillwater by storm. Revolution is a co-ed dance team that does three different styles of dance: old fashioned, jazz and hip hop. They perform at nursing homes and elementary schools, and plan to do flash mobs as well. Senior Cassandra Carter said, "We hope to remind the community that teenagers don't always fit into their stereotypes. Also, we...

Local Angels Echo in Church Halls

Braden Classon, Social Media Reporter

November 18, 2014

The Stillwater Area High School Choir has been working vigorously over the past few months towards their upcoming concert. This concert took place on Nov. 6 at 8 p.m. at Saint Andrews Church in Mahtomedi. Eric Christensen, the lead choir teacher put together this presentation. The recent concert inclu...

Debate team starts strong

Coach and English teacher Laura Hammond Laux oversees both debate and speech teams.

Mackenzie Bottolfson, Copy Editor

October 28, 2014

The debate team placed fifth at the 2011-12 state tournament, third at the 2013-14 state tournament, and are currently working hard to prepare their arguments for the 2014-15 state tournament. The Stillwater Area High School debate team is overflowing with kids who have an immense passion for what they...

Pony fan section cheers loudly

Senior Superfans Grace Charpentier, Megan Aller and Erin Theits dress in all white for the whiteout against Roseville in the first game of the Ponies 2014 season. Grace holds the flag that excites Pony Pride when it's waved.

Olivia Arkell, Social Media Reporter

October 14, 2014

This year at Stillwater Area High School, students seem to be showing up to more and more sporting events such as football, volleyball, and soccer games to cheer on and support athletes, leading to more wins throughout the seasons. Super fans are "showing up" to the sporting events and the players se...

Students hold gender equality meeting

Students gather at Stillwater Area High School to discuss gender equality. They proposed actions that can be taken at the school and in the Stillwater area.

Cora Sutherland

April 16, 2014

In the beginning of March, students led a meeting to discuss gender equality through Stillwater Area High School. Student leaders along with staff members were present at the meeting to either show their support for the cause or become more informed. Senior Sofia Logan helped organize the meeting ...

Stillwater escapes grasp of censorship

Although no book has been banned at SAHS, there have been attempts. Teachers have to weigh out the controversial issues and the learning experience. Hansen said, “The riskiest book I teach right now… is The Kite Runner. That has a rape in it, it’s a pre teen boy raping a younger boy which I always think, you know, how’s the class going to handle this?”

Colin Peters

January 25, 2014

Compared to plenty of other student populations, Stillwater Area High School students are amazingly lucky. With a nationaly renowned yearbook and newspaper, SAHS has had experiences with attempts at censorship. Censorship of books in English rooms and books in the library, as well as newspaper and yearbook...

Morning pile up causing angry students

Recently the new stop signs have halted traffic flow to and from the parking lot. Signs were changed to ease traffic.

Alex Eitzman

January 14, 2014

Traffic is a struggle that everyone will have to deal with at some point in their life.  Many people think of traffic being on the highways on the way to work, but for Stillwater, it's a different story. In the mornings during the school year, Highway 5 near the high school is a wreck. There is an influx of cars every morning on the way to school.  There ...

Seniors bring back Powderpuff football

Seniors bring back Powderpuff football

Eric Bromback

October 31, 2013

While the senior girls huddled up with their coach to call the next play, the junior girls waited on the line of scrimmage, ready to take the win. On Sept. 30, Stillwater Area High School held their first Powderpuff flag football game in many years. Each homecoming week has been the same for the pa...

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