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Girls lacrosse looking to replicate last season

Luci Bischoff (left) lands a goal on  Eden Prairie at the state championship the previous year. The team is confident that she will be a key player this year, both in play and in training the newer members. “It's going to be a bit tough, but I'm hoping our team will get to the point where we'll be passing to each other with ease,

Tristan Hatchell, Video Editor

May 10, 2017

With spring starting up, the girls lacrosse team had their first couple of weeks and the JV and varsity teams are already looking to keep up their track record from last season.   Although the girls lacrosse team has always been a consistent team in rankings, the varsity team had an impres...

Girls lacrosse team undergoes teamwork motivation training

The girls lacrosse team listens as Raisser talks about how to maintain a positive mindset during the season.

Megan McGuire, Online Editor-in-Chief

April 5, 2016

  Laughter, frustration and a buzz of activity filled the school cafeteria as Teamwork Motivation Trainer Rick Raisser led the girls lacrosse team through multiple mind challenging activities, creating bonds among the team and getting their mindset ready for the season. For two and a half hour...

Stickler overcomes injury and commits to Concordia

Stickler plays strong defense on the field and will be back this season to play the sport she loves. This wasn't easy, Stickler had to push herself and stay motivated to work to recover.

Megan McGuire, Online Editor-in-Chief

January 12, 2016

Senior Sara Stickler keenly remembers a pivotal high school lacrosse game during her junior year. It was the second half of the opening round state tournament game last spring against Prior Lake. The strong defender was running down the field when she planted her foot and heard a loud popping noise. S...

Better connections through social media

Sara Stickler, Online Editor

December 7, 2014

Click here, ring there, tweet here, comment there. There's a reason the 1.79 billion utilized social networking accounts worldwide. Nearly three-quarters of teens are able to access Internet from any sort of technology in the United States. Due to this, social media is arguably the most important means...

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