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Stop denying Climate Change

Senior Grace Roske holds up a sign that reads,
Hazel Flock, Layout Editor-in-Chief November 25, 2019

President Trump announced that the U.S. will formally leave the Paris Climate Agreement Nov. 4. After proposing a withdrawal in 2017, Trump was told the U.S. must remain in the agreement and actively participate...

Global climate change strike attracts local protestors

Students gather at St. Paul capital on Sept. 29 to protest climate change. Students' handmade vibrant signs in hopes to catch the government's attention.
Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-chief October 13, 2019

A global climate change protest took place in major cities all across the globe, including St. Paul on Sept. 29. Protestors and young climate activists gathered at the state capitol to protest climate...

916 Career and Technical Center provides college experiences

Junior Ivy Lariviere studies hard to make sure they do well in their class about nursing through 916. She will get some of her college classes done while in high school.
Linda Hill, Podcast Reporter January 18, 2019

916 Career and Technical Center, also referred to as the 916 program, offers different programs to high school students and the northeast school of Century College. They offer two different time slots:...

Illumination Studios new ‘Grinch’ movie more life-like

Illumination Studios new 'Grinch' movie more life-like
Linda Hill, Podcast Reporter December 23, 2018

You may remember the classic The Grinch movie that you probably watched around Christmas time every year. On Nov. 9 there was a new and updated version that was released in theaters all over the world. ...

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