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Questions remain over the West’s ability to confront ISIS

Questions remain over the West's ability to confront ISIS

Sam Begin, Team Lead Editor

April 10, 2015

In the span of only two years, ISIS has managed to become a near ubiquitous name in American households. They command the same fear we used to lavish on al-Qaeda or the Soviets. But while we rose up to the challenges posed by both, are we doing the same with ISIS? The answer to that question is yes. ...

Money should go to K-12, not colleges

Graphic by Kayley Winkelman

Sabrina Storms, Video Managing Editor

February 13, 2015

During Obama’s latest State of the Union Address he brought up his own “GI Bill” that includes free community college for two year associate degrees. He claimed that it would help middle class families, saying that it’s “middle class economics.” Making community college free is a generally...

Police should use body cameras for safety and complaints

Graphic by Ryan Ekstrand

Cory Spawn, Broadcast Managing Editor

December 27, 2014

After the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown, police departments are looking into purchasing body cameras to capture video of what happens away from the dash cam in the car.  There is no reason other than money that should stop departments from buying these beneficial cameras to keep officers safe and...

Without change, global warming plan fails to heat up

Without change, global warming plan fails to heat up

Alexander Pavlicin, Advertising Editor

December 10, 2014

As an estimated 250 million cars rumble across the vast United States highway system, an invisible, dangerous threat to American safety looms in the air: carbon emissions. More of a threat to humanity than Ebola or any other disease, carbon emissions threaten all life on Earth. There is a government p...

Obama stuck in war dilemma

Graphic by Kaitlyn Doyle

Mathias Hoefferle, Distribution Reporter

October 16, 2014

Earlier this year, Barack Obama, United States President, addressed the crisis in Syria publicly, stating that he had no intentions of sending U.S. military ground troops into to Syria to fight ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria). Only a few months later, an unidentified man fighting for ISIS publicly behea...

“Deferred action” policy helps solve Obama’s immigration record

Graphic by Paul Hudachek

Danny Ekstrand

January 23, 2014

After five years and nearly two million deportations, many people have begun to question President Obama’s illegal immigration record. After revealing his wish for a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers, a record number have been deported under his administration. This is the right thing ...

Immigration policy not for U.S.

Immigration policy not for U.S.

Kyle Alvarez, Advertising Editor

January 16, 2014

For years, immigration laws have been a heavily debated topic in this country. With both sides wielding equally convincing arguments, it seems there is a never ending conflict on what decision is to be made regarding illegal immigrants in the country. With the introduction of Obama's new approach...

Obamacare is worth the wait

Graphic by Emily Lodahl.

Kelly Roehrig

December 13, 2013

Error 404, page could not load. Sadly, this message is all too common for those in search of a solution to their lack of healthcare through the federally mandated Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. Since its debut on October 1, the Obamacare website,, has been experie...

Obama takes climate change into his own hands

Graphic by Clara Ilkka

Tim Press

December 11, 2013

With so much disagreement these days among major political players in the country, it seems that almost every important issue seems impossible to take care of while pleasing everybody. These impasses accomplish nothing and just waste time. One of these issues is climate change, a topic which demands such u...

Obama attempts to control global coal-burning plants

Alex Pierson

November 27, 2013

President Obama is at it once again,  he is trying to control the coal-burning plants globally.  His goal is to reduce carbon emissions from these factories. It is a bad idea for Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to interfere with the coal burning industry. The original force...

Food stamps have outgrown budget to support it

Food stamps have outgrown budget to support it

Adam Johnson

November 5, 2013

Drive into any major city. Look out the window. What one sees there is the reason that a government food stamps program exists. However, this program has become bloated far past its means and must be cut. The first US food stamp program, enacted in 1939, was very effective. The first head of the program...

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