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AP Computer Science denied math credit

AP Computer Science teacher Nicholas Springer teaches his class how to code a weed wacker. Springer enjoys teaching his students that they can code anything they can imagine.
Gavan Townsend, Camera Editor March 5, 2019

AP Computer Science is a class that designs, implements and analyzes solutions to problems that are introduced to students. This is achieved by creating algorithms, methods and other pieces of code to...

Coach Jordan’s three hobbies give skills for life

Boys basketball practices as coach Hannigan and coach Jordan give constructed feedback.
Haley Nelson, Online Editor February 3, 2019

"He has kind of a tough exterior, but he is very thoughtful on what he's doing," Brady Hannigan, teacher and basketball coach, said. Randy Jordan teaches math and coaches boys basketball and owns...

Pete Hamilton and Mike Parker teach math together

Hamilton talks to his team trying to get them ready for the game. Hamilton and his team face Lakeville south.
Kevin Kerber, Podcast Reporter January 25, 2019

Teachers Pete Hamilton and Mike Parker, have been friends for a long time and they both love teaching math. They teach math together with each of their classes have about 60 students. They have to...

Otto and Nord: ultimate bond created for two sisters working together

“Much of the staff knows we’re sisters, so I figured much of the student body knew. I am surprised to find out that so many actually did not,” Mrs. Otto said.
Jesse Brown, Distribution Reporter April 5, 2018

Sisters share an unbreakable bond that is like no other bond held between two people. Sisters tend to be with one another from birth all the way to possibly college. Adulthood is when sisters usually...

Mike Parker, father: like father, like son

Mike Parker walking the team in after an inning on April 7 while playing the Woodbury Royals. Mike Parker says,” Growing up I coached Evan in basketball and I thought that was a better bonding experience for us. When I’ve coached him in baseball here at the high school because right now he is a JV player and I’m varsity head coach, but I don’t get that much interaction with him.”
Kayla Gjerde, Social Media Reporter May 4, 2017

Junior Evan Parker has had a great opportunity to be coached by his dad. Mike Parker is the head varsity coach for the boys baseball team. This unique opportunity for both father and son has bonded...

STEM and liberal arts offer opportunities beyond high school

STEM and liberal arts offer opportunities beyond high school
Travis Jacobson, Social Media Reporter November 7, 2016

According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, by their 50's, students who majored in a liberal arts degree earn about $2,000 more than students who majored in professional degrees....

Slader app gaining students’ attention

Emma Brandt, Copy Editor October 27, 2015

The new Slader application that many high school students are taking advantage/making use of is potentially impacting their learning.  This app can come in great use for both teachers and students if...

Revolutionary math app limited by glitches and technicalities

New app Photomath simplifies math work. Some reviews are criticizing the app for stunting leaning growth. Mileena Gomez said, “I love this app, it really helps a lot when doing equations, but I feel like it lacks something… I feel rather insecure about the answers sometimes because the steps [given] don’t add up to how to do a problem.”
Jake Simick, Social Media Reporter December 2, 2014

Photomath is an innovative new app but one riddled with flaws. The makers claim glitches are being worked out, but many users have already given up. If the app were to work the way it was supposed to,...

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