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‘Conversations with a Killer: the Ted Bundy Tapes’ excites true crime fans

Kyra O'Loughlin, Layout Editor

January 31, 2019

"Maybe don't watch it alone," warned Netflix to its viewers. Netflix released "Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes" on Jan. 24. The series depicts the victims, conviction and execution of infamous serial killer Ted Bundy-based on his own words. The docuseries began streaming 30 years to the day when Bundy was executed. Since its release, the ...

‘Making a Murderer’: killing it with fans

'Making a Murderer': killing it with fans

Craig Sanislo, Layout Editor

February 28, 2016

Since it was released in Dec, "Making a Murderer" has swept the nation. The Netflix original is a 10 part documentary covering the investigation and trial of a murder in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. The documentary is centered around Steven Avery, the man who is accused of the crime. The case is o...

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Making a Murderer