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‘A Star is Born’ tugs at heartstrings of viewers

'A Star is Born' starting Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, grossed over $30 million early Oct. and continues as a fan favorite.

Ellsa Ohmann, Layout Editor

November 7, 2018

“Jack: Can I tell you a secret? [Ally looks over to him] Jack: I think you might be a songwriter. And don't worry, I won't tell anybody. But I'm not very good at keeping secrets.” A Star Is Born starts off when booming rock star with severe alcohol abuse, Jack (Bradley Cooper), spots a young woma...

Social media has become path to fame

Social media has become path to fame

Kleio Vrohidis, Online Editor

February 23, 2016

With social media playing a large role in society today, fame has a whole new meaning. Having a viral video on the internet makes a person an upcoming celebrity to watch. Fame has changed a lot over the years and has had many questioning if it is being earned for the right reasons. In today's society, fame is no...

Lady Gaga’s pops with new album

Lady Gaga's pops with new album

Cassie Hansen, In Studio Anchor

February 11, 2016

Lady Gaga over the years has made a name for herself as a pop icon. Her ability to remain a relevant artist since her debut album in 2008, The Fame, is testimony to her ability to sing catchy pop songs and her uninhibited taste in clothing. Although it has been 2 years since her most recent releas...

‘American Horror Story’ thrilling entertainment

Press photo

Elizabeth Morrissey, Team Lead

November 22, 2015

There is something about being scared that people love to hate. There are genres and sub-genres, a lot of people that love the horror of gory movies, thrilling books, and ground breaking television shows. American Horror Story entertained over a million people on its premier on Oct. 7. What makes this...

Xcel hosts the Artpop Ball

Maddie Ek

May 6, 2014

American pop singer and songwriter, Lady Gaga, is coming to the Twin Cities on May 20 as a stop on her Artpop Ball Tour. She will be performing at 7:30 p.m. at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. This will be her fourth time performing in this location. Lady Gaga is known for her crazy outfits and...

Lady Gaga’s new look pops

Lady Gaga's new look pops

Megan Aller

November 25, 2013

The upcoming album “Artpop” by Lady Gaga, is supposed to be a whole new twist to her already outrageous look. She wants to be everything, but is nothing at all. The album “Artpop” was released on Nov. 11. While she still uses her usual ridiculous outfits and songs, she adds a little more sc...

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