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Entering the military, a growing post-high school option

Entering the military, a growing post-high school option

Hope Haukom, Social Media Reporter

January 8, 2017

After high school a lot of kids go on to either college or a job. A few brave ones, join the military. Enlisting in the military is more than just serving for the country, it will provide those who serve with memories, knowledge, and cultural experiences that will last a lifetime. Once enlisted, ...

Raising Cane’s chicken, a local favorite

Ordering at Canes is fast and easy due to there only being four things on the menu. Sophomore Jack Seipel says,

Hailey Laubscher, Pony Express TV Broadcaster

January 8, 2017

,   Students have begun a new trend, driving 30 minutes just for a fried chicken meal. Raising Cane's is a fast-food restaurant that has good quality fried chicken meals, for reasonable prices. Raising Cane's, or Cane's, was founded in Louisiana in 1996, and now has sites all over the nation, including a restaurant i...

Self tanning offers safer alternatives to the sun

With prom coming up many girls think they have to be tan because it is the social norm, but natural skin is beautiful and going tanning in a bed is not worth the risk. According to,

May 13, 2016

With prom coming up, many girls are worried about a common thing: how they are going to get the 'perfect tan.' As tanning beds are beginning to go out of style, safer alternatives are setting in. Many girls are realizing that the risk and dangers of using a tanning bed is not worth it. Tanning...

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