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English teacher Kim Thompson announces retirement

English teacher Kim Thompson talks with her English 10 students. She often works in small groups of students or up in the front of class.

Mia Lucido, Distribution Editor

November 26, 2019

“I like how much I grew because I was constantly being challenged, my thinking and my maturity was always being tested and I was always growing. And it was really fun to master different ways of teaching and different books to teach,” English teacher Kim Thompson said. Thompson has been teachin...

Stephen King’s newest horror novel “The Institute” leaves fans on heals

The new Stephen King book, released Sept. 10, features main character Luke Ellis from Minneapolis. King's new book 'The Institute' is his 61st book.

Morgan Hildreth, Social Media Editor

September 15, 2019

Horror story lovers and Stephen King enthusiasts are ready to dive into the new book, 'The Institute', released this month and written by King. The new King book, 'The Institute', hit shelves Sept. 10. This is King's 61st book published, and his third book released this year. 'The Institute', whi...

Teachers share most memorable career moments

Teachers share most memorable career moments

Kaitlyn Kirby, Business Editor

December 2, 2017

  Teachers often have unpredictable days while at work, those very unpredictable moments can sporadically shape their lives. Three teachers share their most memorable experiences and between 40 combined years of teaching at Stillwater Area High School, there are a lot of stories to tell. ...

American English departments lack diversity

photo by Michael VanLieshout

Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief

October 28, 2017

Amidst heated debates about immigration reform, protests which have somehow made the general populace throw the First Amendment out the window, and hate crime rates skyrocketing, public education coats an underlying element of racism: the canon. As a largely homogenous group of the so-called white male majori...

Molenda creates ‘Pivot Stillwater’ app for locals, tourists

Molenda creates 'Pivot Stillwater' app for locals, tourists

Emma Salmi, Social Media Reporter

April 1, 2017

Stillwater resident, and former 3M employee Bob Molenda is working on creating an app called “Pivot Stillwater” for Stillwater locals and tourists. The app will help people to explore and see how different historical sites throughout Stillwater have changed over time. The app will have a historical map of Stillw...

Shire Literary Center encourages more writing among teens

The Shire opened in June and since then has grown to involve more students and teachers from the community.

Emma Clarkowski, Student Playlist Editor

November 12, 2016

If you are ready to take your writing to the next level, then you should look into the Shire Literary center. The Center is a helpful learning center for kids in 6-12 grade. The Shire Literary Center helps kids learn more deeply into the arts and also with many other topics too. Established durin...

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