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Ranta stays involved with school after retirement

Jeff Ranta reads the Pony Express paper while visiting SAHS. “I got so involved as a student, as a student board member and as a student director, and I saw how busy everybody was and they didn’t have time with their families. So I did a shift, went back to school about 23-24, and got my teaching certificate,” Ranta says.

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

January 6, 2017

Jeff Ranta taught a varying assortment of sciences, but retired abruptly last June after 36 years. Ranta was involved in the changes that will be completed at SAHS for the ninth grade transition and was a common name in the halls. Now that he has retired, his life looks much different. Ranta, after teaching for many years, had suffered so...

Da Vinci Fest molds inventive minds

Students at Oak Park Elementary proudly display their artwork on the wall in the staircase of their school. Most of the art was made by 5th and 6th graders and some pieces may even be entered int he Da Vinci Fest this year. The kids at Oak Park take pride in their work which is an important quality in the worlds of art and science alike.

Dante Hoyos, Distribution Reporter

January 12, 2016

  Da Vinci Fest is an annual art and science fair sponsored by The Partnership Plan that takes place at the high school. Stillwater students are encouraged to compete in the festival, but enrollment in the festival is open to all students in District 834. This year the school is hosting the...

Voyager 1 soars through the solar system

Katie Beedle

October 16, 2013

The Voyager Spacecraft program, initially launched in Sept. 1977, recently left the solar system. This is the first human made product ever to leave the heliosphere. The Voyager 1 of NASA’s Voyager Spacecraft program was recorded to have left our solar system as of Thursday, Sept. 12. It is recorded...

Principal Laager leaves Stillwater Area High School

Principal Laager leaves Stillwater Area High School

July 20, 2013

Principal Ryan Laager’s office is nice. There is a large white board with notes scribbled into every corner, there’s a table that has a Stillwater pony inscribed on it with a few chairs for meetings, and a fairly clean desk with a MacBook Pro and three or four pages, all filled corner-to-corner with...

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