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EIC Column: Palestinians aim to have their voices heard

At a board meeting on Feb. 21, Shahd Abouhekel read aloud her poem titled

Lilly Sample, Online Editor-in-Chief

March 10, 2019

On May 14, 1948, Israel became an independent State with David Ben-Gurion as the Prime Minister. What many in the world thought of as a movement to solve anti-semitism became the beginning of a Palestinian ethnic cleansing. Ever since, Palestinians have been fighting for their lives and for their f...

Tessa Johansen visits father in Jerusalem

Tessa Johansens's father, Tarek Abu Bassam Abu Sbeih, reads to her from a children's book. Johansen is back to visit him after moving to the United States with her mother, Gina Johansen.

Lilly Sample, Online Editor-in-Chief

November 18, 2018

Looking out of a taxi window and to the Palestinian landscape, senior Tessa Johansen notices the growing Israeli settlements, their houses seemingly forming out of thin air. Israelis man posts throughout Jerusalem with machine guns pointed in Palestinian faces. Tessa is returning to Palestine to see her father, Tarek Abu Bassam Abu Sbe...

17 events that characterized 2017

17 events that characterized 2017

Malaina Fragnito, Student Playlist Reporter

December 28, 2017

2017 has been a year of change, devastation followed by hope and success. From events that impact the whole world to things that impact the community of Stillwater, many things have happened this year. This year has been filled with everything, from tragedies due to natural disasters, to controversy over the president to...

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