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Local resident’s death serves as a reminder to avoid distracted driving

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Arieanna Junghans, Social Media Editor

May 5, 2018

On Feb. 27, Rob Bursik was waiting patiently at a red light when a semi truck rammed into him, causing the car to completely morph into a ball. The driver of the semi was on his phone, for what was recorded as more than 8 seconds, and hit Bursik’s car at 63 miles per hour. “My Uncle Rob was always the life of our family. He was designated QB at every family event and made sure ...

Highway 36 construction reroutes buses

Highway 36 construction reroutes buses

Tim Press

October 30, 2013

The sound of students talking on the bus was quickly drowned out by the piercing sound of a jackhammer once the bus entered the construction zone. The bright orange cones protruding from the street wisped by the windows as the bus cruised by mountains of dirt and massive bulldozers. This has been the...

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