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Yoga trend has students bending over backwards

Pure Yoga is one of the few yoga studios in the St. Croix Valley. They offer an array of classes for all experience levels. Senior Elise Hendrickson goes to yoga at Pure Yoga. “I love barre! Even though it's not necessarily a yoga class, the spiritual idea of connecting with your body still plays a huge role throughout the class. I also prefer traditional level two Vinyasa flow classes. I don't like hot yoga because I have trouble breathing in hot environments and I start to feel claustrophobic,” Hendrickson says.

Sarah Junko, Layout Editor

December 24, 2015

Students are always looking for fun and new ways to stay fit. For students who do not participate in sports, exercising is often a difficult task. Yoga is a different way for students to relieve stress and to get some physical activity. The practice of yoga was developed around 5000 years ago by...

Benefits of eating healthy

Benefits of eating healthy

Kyah LaBancz, Online Editor

February 23, 2015

Imagine standing in front of two different food bars. One is filled with crunchy greens, nuts filled with healthy fats, lean proteins and various  vegetables to make a delightful salad. The other displays options of sugar packed sweets, chips and all of Grandma's fattening holiday dishes. Which would...

The Pole Barn swings into Stillwater

The Pole Barn is a new dance studio in downtown Stillwater. It is owned by Rochelle Jacobs. The studio features classes in pole moves for beginners and higher levels, hip hop hula hoop, flex appeal, ballet and many more. It provides a new and innovative way to stay in shape while having fun and working out.

Cassandra Carter

March 31, 2014

The Pole Barn was added to historic downtown’s many small businesses in the middle of February. Located just behind Leo’s Malt Shop, this studio’s mission is to empower women regardless of their age, weight or previous dance experience. Rochelle Jacobs, owner of The Pole Barn, features classes...

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