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Zaíd shares journey to America

Zaíd shares journey to America

Josh Mathwig, Copy Editor

November 11, 2017

We have several exchange students here in our community. Zaíd, a student from Iraq, is one of them. Exchange students are on the rise in America. The amount of exchange students saw a rise from 304,467 students in 2014 to 313,415 in 2015, which is nearly a 9,000 student increase in just 1 year. Students f...

Thingvold builds lasting friendship an ocean away

Thingvold builds lasting friendship an ocean away

Rachel LeMire, Social Media Editor

October 30, 2014

From the minute school ends for the year, students are making plans to maximize their summers. Many people get jobs or participate in training camps for sports, while others catch up on their favorite television show or book series. Some take summer as an opportunity to travel to a new country as part...

Warolin falls head over heals for France

Jasmine Hearne

April 17, 2014

From the beloved Eiffel Tower in the city of love to glorious cathedrals and beautiful pebble beaches of Nice, France is a vacation destination that never fails to impress. However, France not only offers these breathtaking sites but also immerses tourists in thick culture full of new experiences. Senior Brenna Warol...

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