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Words from the wise: advice to underclassmen

Upperclassmen have life knowledge that can be deemed very useful for sophomores and juniors. Junior Ali Reardon said, “The best piece of advice I have learned was to remember to not only learn for school but for life.

Allie Langness, Online Editor-In-Chief

May 18, 2015

In a short couple of months, the seniors will be leaving to go their separate ways, and they will be venturing off to begin the next adventures in their lives. Before they leave, they will make some of the best memories of their high school years. Upperclassmen have life knowledge that can be deemed...

Stillwater Nerf war returns

Stillwater Nerf war returns

Oliver Parker, Online Editor

May 14, 2015

Stillwater's Nerf war is back. Around 450 students at Stillwater Area High School are running around town shooting each other with Nerf guns, all with the goal of achieving the huge jackpot of money. Stillwater's Nerf war was introduced to the school last year by a few seniors and the tradition continued this...

Pony fan section cheers loudly

Senior Superfans Grace Charpentier, Megan Aller and Erin Theits dress in all white for the whiteout against Roseville in the first game of the Ponies 2014 season. Grace holds the flag that excites Pony Pride when it's waved.

Olivia Arkell, Social Media Reporter

October 14, 2014

This year at Stillwater Area High School, students seem to be showing up to more and more sporting events such as football, volleyball, and soccer games to cheer on and support athletes, leading to more wins throughout the seasons. Super fans are "showing up" to the sporting events and the players se...

Soundset Music Festival features popular hip hop artists

Photo by Christy Prust
Soundset in previous years has been a huge hit, and Soundset 2014 expects to be even more of a hit this year. This year, Soundset will be featuring artists like 2 Chainz and Wiz Khalifa.

Orjana Stephien

May 21, 2014

Soundset is a music festival that has been becoming popular throughout the past years. Many more people have been attending the festival and counting down the days each year until the day of the festival comes. As spring approaches so does Soundset and many eager fans cannot wait to attend a day filled with ...

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