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The Pony Express

The Latino Student Union speaks out on Feb. 14 during BLAST week, on their behalf of the challenges going on around the community and school. LSU tries to better our community and have students of Latino culture speak out about what they face in the community and schools.

New BIPOC community forms in school

Amelia Strong and Gavin Schuna, Social Media Editor and Business Editor April 15, 2024

After the Voices of Change conference, which is a collaborative meeting and workshop-based conference led by Cornelius Rish and the Student Leadership Council (SLC) during BLAST week, the SLC was held...

Students create posters to promote the Voices of Change virtual conference. These posters were put around the school to encourage students to attend.

Voices of Change Conference allows students to be heard

Esmeralda Palma-Andrade and Gigi Zawislak February 22, 2023

"Following George Floyd's murder, Stillwater Schools district administration, and staff received an Open Letter from a group of Black Alumni," Office of Achievement and Integration Coordinator, Eric Anderson...

Group of people holding plaque

Student Leadership Council wins Human Rights Award

Olivia Williams, Podcast Reporter and Distribution Reporter October 22, 2022

The Student Leadership Council was awarded the Humans Rights Award for its efforts to stand up to the oppression of human rights in a nonviolent way. The award was presented to the council and their supervisor...

Students sitting in circle of desks

Student unions formed to promote equity

George Palm and Kayly Richert October 6, 2022

The high school is home to many student unions that are focused on creating a safe place for students and unity within the school. Student unions are created for very many different reasons, to meet...

Cultural liaison Cornelius Rish directs the members of the Student Leadership Council during its weekly meeting in the main forum room.

Student Leadership Council creates anti-harassment committee

Sydney Rodd, Layout Editor February 25, 2022

How does the school deal with racist actions? How does it deal with microaggressions? What are the consequences of homophobia and transphobia within the community? These are just some of the questions...

Paula OLoughlin meets with student members of the Student Leadership Council to discuss new ideas and plans. They all gather in their typically meeting spot, the main forum.

Student Leadership Council aims to improve school culture, climate

Taya Hehn, Photography Editor and Copy Editor January 23, 2022

The Student Leadership Council, led by cultural liaison Cornelius Rish and co-advised by school director Paula O'Loughlin, is a student organization specifically meant to improve the culture and climate...

Amy Carr Paraprofessional works in the College and Career.

Amy Carr wins Impact Influencer Award for her work with students

Shannon Pothen, Layout Editor November 13, 2021

The future can be scary, but Amy Carr, the College and Career Paraprofessional, works hard to make students feel confident leaving high school. She has been working in the College and Career Center since...

Latinx Student Union

Latinx student union holds first meeting

Cecilia Conery, Podcast and Online Editor November 12, 2021

Clubs in the school are growing, and with this, new clubs are being created. One of these clubs is the Latinx Student Union, lead by the district's cultural liaison, Cornelius Rish. This club was created...

Seventeen Republican-controlled state legislatures pass laws that further limit their constituents ability to vote in upcoming elections. Supporters say that it will increase voter confidence in our elections, while social activists say that it is an attempt to suppress minority voters.

Republican state legislatures pass voter suppression laws

Jasmine Z. Allison, Social Media Editor October 13, 2021

After the 2020 presidential election, 17 Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed laws that further limited their constituents' ability to vote in upcoming elections. Republican supporters...

Cornelius Rish and Stillwater Area High School students at the Stillwater Bridge protest for Black Lives Matter. Dressed in Black Lives Matter attire, the activists are fighting for another life lost at the hands of the police.

Debunking the stigmas of Black Lives Matter

Jay Lohr, Food Blogger June 6, 2021

Recently during the school day, there have been walkouts in support of Black Lives Matter and Back the Blue. As police brutality and hate towards black Americans have become exposed by the media, the Black...

Junior Eliza Weston helps make posters for Sophia Pietan and Amelia Bretls campaign for student council Presidents of the upcoming school year. Pietan and Bretl also used buttons, social media and other platforms to spread the news about voting for them.

Student Council Presidents Amelia Bretl and Sophia Pietan have big plans upcoming school year

Lindsey Crain, Copy Editor May 22, 2021

Juniors Sophia Pietan and Amelia Bretl have been elected the new Student Council presidents. Their campaign was based around change and what students can do to make this a safe and healthy learning environment...

A view of attendees at the April 19 walkout. The protest was organized to protest police brutality as a reaction to the killing of Daunte Wright.

Students host walkout April 19

Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2021

Editor's Note: As an Editorial Board, we struggled with how to approach this issue and the events that have transpired over the past month, especially as it relates to social justice and how it impacts...

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