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Reaching out during tough times is more important now than ever before

Mental Health Awareness signs and posters are hanging around the hallways of SAHS. Over the past decade, depression and anxiety has increased in students.

Charlie Valerius, Online Editor

April 20, 2020

Throughout the entire world population, mental health has become a major worldwide concern. Over the past decade, depression and anxiety diagnoses have increased in the school population. The stress of school, work, relationships and other responsibilities can pile onto teenagers at a fast rate.  ...

Teachers and staff help those effected by Seasonal Affective Disorder

Many doctors recommend that people with SAD get outside in the mornings. There are four student centers where counselors are available.

Megan Baxter, Photography Editor

February 16, 2019

Grades dropping, rare socialization and zero concentration. Already diagnosed with depression, junior Grace Murphy notices that things get a lot worse around winter time. "My teachers are really great and understanding," Murphy said. "One time when I missed five days of school leading up to break...

Balancing competing pressures

Balancing competing pressures

Megan Fayler, Copy Editor

April 11, 2015

Everyday students face an onslaught of anxiety and stress. Competition and athletics can be a leading factor to the high levels of stress students feel. Stress can be both healthy and unhealthy. When given the right amount of push, stress can give the extra boost needed to compete well. In the wr...

School related stress spurs anxiety

Kenzie Monson

October 19, 2013

Many students struggle with stress and anxiety that comes from school. There are other factors that lead to stress, such as bullying or the different cliques at school. Homework, however, also causes a major impact. There are a lot of different school related pressures that can often stress out students...

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