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Sara Damon uses her skills from Fulbright to benefit students

Sara Damon helps her AP human geography students on a class assignment. Her experiences from the Fulbright scholarship helps her students who are struggling to complete their work.

Grace Sneden, Buisness Editor

October 20, 2019

AP human geography and global studies teacher Sara Damon received the Fulbright scholarship last school year and spent January through June traveling to 11 different countries in Africa. Damon spent most of her time there in Botswana, as a part of the population studies department. She took classe...

Ajak family sings for Jesus

Alternative Copy Story by Emma Polucha

Joshua Framke, Distribution Reporter

January 19, 2018

Coming from the tribe Anuak in Ethiopia Africa, senior Bakange Ajak and her family use their voices to give thanks to God. Forming a choir that is based on traditional African singing, they sing the songs that mean the most to them: Gospel. With drummers and 13 women strong, they sing on Sundays at Calva...

Zaíd shares journey to America

Zaíd shares journey to America

Josh Mathwig, Copy Editor

November 11, 2017

We have several exchange students here in our community. Zaíd, a student from Iraq, is one of them. Exchange students are on the rise in America. The amount of exchange students saw a rise from 304,467 students in 2014 to 313,415 in 2015, which is nearly a 9,000 student increase in just 1 year. Students f...

Ranta stays involved with school after retirement

Jeff Ranta reads the Pony Express paper while visiting SAHS. “I got so involved as a student, as a student board member and as a student director, and I saw how busy everybody was and they didn’t have time with their families. So I did a shift, went back to school about 23-24, and got my teaching certificate,” Ranta says.

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

January 6, 2017

Jeff Ranta taught a varying assortment of sciences, but retired abruptly last June after 36 years. Ranta was involved in the changes that will be completed at SAHS for the ninth grade transition and was a common name in the halls. Now that he has retired, his life looks much different. Ranta, after teaching for many years, had suffered so...

Ebola quarantines more like prisons

Ebola quarantines more like prisons

Sam Begin, Team Lead Editor

December 14, 2014

Ebola has struck, and the world has been in chaos. Along with death, Ebola has created fear. This fear has taken hold in people who may not have even been affected by it. It has taken ahold of our nation. This fear is expressed in our policies towards people coming from West Africa or even of African de...

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