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How the U.S. ends up with two unfavorable options

How the U.S. ends up with two unfavorable options

Sonia Moran, Photographer

December 5, 2016

It is unbelievable that the presidential election came down to the two most disliked presidential candidates in history. Many people are starting to wonder how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump came so far in the election to end up becoming the two people to representatives of Democratic and Republican...

Claims of rigged elections fall flat

Claims of rigged elections fall flat

Kevin Thole, News Anchor

November 13, 2016

The idea that elections in the United States are rigged has often been a common belief among conspiracy theorists and apathetic voters. However, this is yet another idea that has broken into the mainstream after Donald Trump brought it up numerous times in speeches. Not only is the idea of a rigged...

A lot can be taken from attending presidential candidate rallies

While giving another one of his infamous speeches, Trump moved his hands in his usual leader-like manner. Suddenly the crowd erupts into chants of,

Tiana Meador, Editor-In-Chief

November 8, 2016

"We are going to bring our great jobs back to America. We are going to change Washington, and get rid of the corruption that Crooked Hillary has permeated throughout our government," the infamous voice rang out across six measly speakers as the remaining crowd fought to get up to the door where D...

Staff Editorial: Trump elicits strong feelings from young voters

Infographic by Megan Ramberg.

Pony Express Staff

November 6, 2016

Donald Trump has become the face of controversy across the nation. Supporters and antis alike, he is currently one of the most talked about people. Trump is known to be an extremist. And, of course, his supporters are, too. Current polls show that although Hillary Clinton is in the presidential lead,...

Clinton emerges as possible president


Craig Sanislo, Layout Editor

November 5, 2016

Everyone knows a thing or two about the presidential candidates running in 2016. In one of the most interesting and worst presidential races of all time, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been fighting each other for the oval office. When the race started, Hillary Clinton seemed like an o...

Hillary Clinton could expand space potential

Infographic by Megan Ramberg

Megan Ramberg, Online Editor

November 5, 2016

America has been one of the top countries in the world when it comes to sending astronomers into space and collecting information. The argument of space, with intersections of climate change has been an issue for countless years. In early 2015, former Republican candidate Ted Cruz proposed that c...

Students involve themselves in political clubs

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

September 25, 2016

The Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton debate is far from dissipating, and the Young Democrats and Youth Republicans clubs are just as far from agreeing on every issue. However, despite political differences, they are much more alike than many would think. When the Young Democrats and Youth Republican ...

Efficient planning to reduce Americas debt

Efficient planning to reduce Americas debt

Cole Lebourgeois, Copy Editor

March 15, 2016

Every presidential candidate and president talks about the national debt and how they will fix it, but in reality they actually add more to it than lowering it.  America's $19 trillion debt needs to be fixed and the government needs to lower it. Debt in America has always existed, no person ...

Complete socialism, danger to the United States

Information Graphic by Jonathan Rustad

Jonathan Rustad, Copy Editor

February 25, 2016

Socialism.  An economic system that some fear, but others accept with open arms.  It has come up frequently in presidential debates and conversations alike.  With the 2016 Presidential Election coming up, it is possible United States citizens could see more socialist elements implemented into thei...

Hillary’s campaign uses gender card

Hillary's campaign uses gender card

Kailtin Bloom, Online Editor

February 25, 2016

The presidential election is drawing nearer, and soon it will be time to elect a candidate to represent both of the major political parities. Unlike the Republicans, who continue to have many figures of various backgrounds in the race, the Democratic party have just two obvious front runners: B...

Bernie Sanders influences young adult’s political views

Bernie Sanders is a popular candidate for students at Stillwater. Often times, Sanders' tweets and speeches appear on student's Twitter accounts, due to his popularity at Stillwater. Student's have become more informed about Sanders' views and ideal changes to be made if he is elected president in the 2016 election. At Stillwater, students carry or wear Sanders' merchandise to advertise him as a possible candidate.

Lillyanne Strom, Social Media Editor

December 5, 2015

  Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of the Democratic party seems to appeal to a large number of students based on social media posts. With social, economic, immigration, and education issues in mind, posts on Twitter and Instagram suggest that Sanders may have captured the young people'...

Seniors begin preparing for upcoming election

Seniors begin preparing for upcoming election

Taylor Johnston, Social Media Editor

December 4, 2015

Presidential debates are already under way for Nov. 2016's upcoming presidential elections. With these elections coming up in the next year, people are beginning to wonder who students will be voting for and what issues hit home with them. Politics is the activities associated with the govern...

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