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Racial colorblindness, declining to acknowledge ones race, negatively impacts colored people in more ways than one. Research has shown that hearing colorblind messages predict negative outcomes among Whites, such as greater racial bias and negative affect, cites Psychology Today.

Racial colorblindness, a secret enemy

Mira LaNasa, Print Editor-in-Chief December 7, 2017

“I don’t see color” is not something a colored person wants to hear. Racial colorblindness is an attempt at proving one is not racist, but the term “racial colorblindness” is actually hurting,...

Trump travel ban replaced with extreme vetting, lacks clarity

Trump travel ban replaced with extreme vetting, lacks clarity

Lilly Sample, Online Editor December 3, 2017

In recent months, the Trump Administration has started cracking down on immigration and refugees in a new way. President Trump rid the country of his latest travel ban back in September after numerous...

Hi Please decide for me

EIC Column: U.S. lacking in foreign aid due to Trump’s prejuidice

Emma Lowey, Editor-in-Chief December 2, 2017

The Trump administration has sparked controversy for being wildly unprofessional and compassionate to the people of Puerto Rico and lacking in the call to help fellow American citizens. The behavior reflects...

Staff Editorial: Photoshop affects body image

Staff Editorial: Photoshop affects body image

Arieanna Junghans, Social Media Editor December 1, 2017

Media outlets and advertisers who use Photoshop to alter images of women causes harm among viewers and readers. With teenagers having more access to the internet, it creates the perception that everyone...

Franken, Moore could not be handling harassment claims worse

Franken, Moore could not be handling harassment claims worse

Hunter Hippel, Online-Editor-in-Chief November 27, 2017

Politicians haven't always been the cleanest, fairest or most charming individuals.  Many have been involved with crippling corruptions cases or embarrassing bombshell scandals.  John F. Kennedy had...

Fort Ridgely state park is a part of Minnesota’s great history. Visitors can learn about the Dakota wars of 1862. There any different things to do here such as horseback riding.

Confederate statues should remain historical landmarks

Joshua Framke, Distribution Reporter November 2, 2017

Ever since the Charleston church shooting in 2015, there have been controversies around confederate statues and monuments. Many people believe that they should be taken down because they stand for...

photo by Michael VanLieshout

American English departments lack diversity

Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief October 28, 2017

Amidst heated debates about immigration reform, protests which have somehow made the general populace throw the First Amendment out the window, and hate crime rates skyrocketing, public education coats...

Social media, love it or leave it

Social media, love it or leave it

Rachel Dankers, Layout Editor October 26, 2017

  Social media is becoming a crisis regarding communication between all ages. This issue has greatly impacted the lives of people around the world due to their constant need to be up to date with...

Reprinted with permission from Jack Lange

Trump administration rolls out controversial new sexual assault policy

Hannah Boardman, Print EIC October 25, 2017

In politics today, sexual assault is a controversial topic. There have been debates over what counts as substantial evidence, with the two options being preponderance of evidence or clear and convincing...

Editorial Cartoon by Madison Weispfenning

Staff Editorial: purse and bag restrictions unfairly affect innocent students

Pony Express Staff October 19, 2017

As students line up to enter the Pony Stadium for another exciting football game with bags in hands and on backs to hold items, they are faced with security telling them they cannot bring those bags...

Infographic by McKenzie Bohlig

Dress codes are acceptable if equally enforced

McKenzie Bohlig, Copy Editor May 9, 2017

Recently, dress codes and their enforcement have been a controversial topic throughout the public. An instance that has recently raised debate was United Airlines dress coding two girls and making them...

Senior prank may result in consequences

Senior prank may result in consequences

Megan Karnuth, Online Editor-in-Chief May 7, 2017

Principal Rob Bach in a letter to parents said, “…walking at graduation is a privilege, not a right.” There are certain things a student can do to be banned from the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,...

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