Bus on cameras may hold drivers accountable

Emma Stansbury, Distrubition Reporter

Photo by Emma Stansbury
Children frequently have to get on and off the school buses. The school buses are all lined up and ready to begin their journey to drive children home safely. A new bill in congress is being debated on currently to put cameras on the school buses.

A controversial topic including the safely of children throughout the country is up for discussion. A new law might pass for school bus stop signs to have cameras placed on them, to catch everyone running them. Cameras should not be placed on school bus stop signs because they will only hold people accountable, not ensure the safety of children.

The stop signs placed on school buses is to ensure children safety. The government is discussing putting cameras on these stop signs to hopefully help prevent passing cars from running through the stop signs and prevent accidents, including children. Cameras should not be placed on these stop signs for the reason that catching people is all for the money.

The current law against running a school bus stop sign in the U.S. is illegal to run school bus stop signs and can lead to many differs consequences. A vehicle owner that breaks the law will pay a fine of $500 to $1,200. The driver may also get up to 120 days with their license suspended.

If cameras were to be placed on stop signs, “It will hold people accountable,” junior Zeck Montgermery explained.

There are many recent accidents because of this current problem. Kare 11 says there were six accidents in three days, which led to children being hospitalized. A seven year old child suffered facial injuries in Pennsylvania, says the United States department of transportation.

Putting cameras on stop “are necessary, especially because it is the safety of many kids, not just one or two, even that would be just as important. the amount of kids and the amount of times this happens is too much,” junior Maddie Wittington said.

American drivers illegally passed school buses more than 13 million times last year. Kare 11 says on average, roughly eight kids a year are killed by drivers who ignore school bus stop signs.

“It will definitely make people think twice about it,” Wittington explained.

It will take a little bit of time in order for things to change, but I think it could be a step in the right direction.

— Sara Biremaier

Fifteen states allow cameras to be mounted outside school buses to record vehicle owners illegally passing. Within four months, more than 6,600 vehicle owners have received citations for violating the law.

“It will take a little bit of time in order for things to change, but I think it could be a step in the right direction,” math teacher Sara Biremaier explained.

People are against the idea because they think the government is just trying to make more money by giving out a mass number of citations. Americans believe the purpose is not to keep children safe, but for profit.

“There are a lot of people against it, probably because they’re the ones doing it,” Wittington explained.

The tragedy of children getting hurt may be solved one day, but cameras are not the solution. The cameras will only hold people accountable, and allow the government the make money. The cameras might lower the number of injuries will lower, but not be fully stopped.