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Ticket sales not affected by Snoball’s later date

Senior Issac Sauer , senior Tucker Farver, senior Celia Gear and friends take pictures in the photo booth during last year's Snoball dance. The Snoball dance is one of the year's most popular events, with tickets commonly selling out.
Alexis Brainard, Online Editor January 27, 2019

The Snoball dance is coming up on Saturday Feb.1. The dance is available for all grades and is one of the most popular dances of the year. The dance is held in the JX Venue in downtown Stillwater from...

Downtown’s colorful light tunnel attracts locals

Junior Sam Ek waits by the holiday tree in Lowell Park next to the lights display for the lights to turn on at 4 p.m. The lights will remain in Stillwater through March.
Ben Jacobs, Podcast Reporter January 18, 2019

This winter, the ice castles that take shape in Lowell Park were missing. Construction took up the space and forced the ice castles to find a new location. To fix the lack of an attraction that Stillwater...

Winter semi-formal dazzles dance-goers

Student Council attends winter Snoball on Jan. 20, 2018. Student Council enjoyed the dance they worked so hard to create.
Rosie Nichols, Layout Editor January 17, 2019

Nothing brings a school together like a school dance. Putting on that dress that makes your eyes pop, slowly tugging the zipper fitting it tightly to your figure making you feel like a princess. Learning...

Pony Possibilities Night welcomes in-coming ninth graders

The 2018-19 Pony Possibility Night Tag-a-long allows students to write out their course plan prior to registration. The packet provides information on every class offered.
Dylan Stormoen, Copy Editor January 15, 2019

With the conclusion of the first semester, the 2019-2020 school year is becoming a topic of discussion. As class registration is coming up, current eighth graders have the opportunity to get an in-depth...

Da Vinci Fest blends artistic passions in community

The Da Vinci Fest features drawings. Both the picture on the left, by junior Jordan Schmidt, and the picture on the right, by junior Lily Cichon, were submitted in the 2018 Da Vinci Fest. Both done in charcoal, Schmidt's piece is a portrait of sophomore Abbie Garness, and Cichon's piece portrays her parents.
Elsa Persson, Online Editor January 12, 2019

One of the community's most special showcases of talent is coming around once again. This festival displays incredible art and science projects made by students in the Stillwater district, for which participants...

Coffee House kicks off winter break

A glance from the audience as a performance occurred at the Winter Coffee House on Dec. 21. This was during the second show of the night at SAHS.
Marie Lecuyer, Copy Editor January 1, 2019

Talented students and teachers participated in this year's winter Coffee House run by the National Honor Society. The show took place on Dec. 21 in the theater. Before being able to perform at Coffee...

School board in discussions to cut $2.5 million

The board's proposed budget cut was voted on after their Dec. 20 meeting. Cuts are still being decided and new drafts of the cut list should be released soon.
Hazel Flock, Layout Editor December 18, 2018

On Dec. 13, the school board began examining the budget cuts within the district that needed to happen. The school is budgeting around a $2.5 million deficit and they approved $1.081 million worth of...

Anderson Elementary adds Buddy Benches to grow friendships

Anderson Elementary adds Buddy Benches to grow friendships
Kevin Kerber, Podcast Reporter December 14, 2018

Anderson Elementary has put in Buddy Benches for students to find friends. These Buddy Benches are for students who are new to the school, are looking for new friends to play with, or their friends...

Weaver’s classes get hands-on experience with deer

The doe waits in the trap on the morning of Dec. 4, 2018, just an hour prior to the commencement of the experiment. The deer was lured into the trap using corn as bait.
AJ Gunderson, Podcast Reporter December 11, 2018

On Dec. 4, science teacher Andrew Weaver’s Field Biology and AP Biology classes caught a deer in the ELC. Once the deer was anesthetized and unconscious, students proceeded to gather information on the...

SAHS voted 21st safest school in the metro area

With constant eyes on the doors at the five entrances  SAHS, administration can detect if a crisis will be present. These staff members keep the students safe and protected from potential harm.
Joseph Devins, Field Reporter December 7, 2018

Stillwater Area High School has been awarded with the 21st safest school in the Twin cities Metro Area. Assistant Principal Shelly Phernetton and Police Liaison Officer Lindsey Paradise have been taking...

Unbreakable second grade friendship still holding strong after nine years

Many students walk past Adam Potter in the hallways during the school day. Adam tries to say hi to everyone he knows. Trey is one person that Adam will see throughout the days in the hallways. 
Haley Nelson, Online Editor December 7, 2018

Juniors Trey Kruse and Adam Potter have been best friends since second grade at Stonebridge elementary school. A friendship unlike most, Trey is an honor student and captain of the wrestling team,...

Shelly Christensen wins Minnesota House of Representatives seat by narrow margin

New House of Representative for District 39B, Shelly Christensen. Christensen was elected in November and is excited to put her campaign platforms into action.
Matt Moore, Podcast Reporter December 7, 2018

Every vote counts. Voters hear that time and time again during the election seasons. Shelly Christensen, the new House of Representative for District 39B, knows this first hand. She defeated Republican...

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