Stock Market Game simulates real-world experiences

Emma Salmi

More than 52 percent of Americans are currently not investing in the stock market. When people invest in the stock market they buy certain amounts of shares from big companies like Facebook, Twitter, or Apple etc.

Many corporations in America make parts of their business available for the public to buy through stocks. When people buy stocks usually the goal is to buy low and sell high, while running the risk of losing all of their invested money. Learning about the stock market and knowing how to invest money in the stocks could help people make easy money on the side.

Many high schools in America offer students business classes such as marketing where they cover stock markets. Great way to teach students how to invest is to use the real time stock market simulator called Every year the company BestPrep holds a competition for students around the country. Last year three students; Shenyn Gale, Caysie Johnson, Parker Anderson, came out on top by making most profit and really understanding the market.

It is quite simple if you do your research, practice and check on it every day.”

— Parker Anderson

“I would not call myself the best but it just takes attention and you have to give attention to it and watch when it is good to buy a stock, like you want to buy low and sell high so then if it is at a lower price than you think it is usually at… you want to buy it and then if it is really high in price then it is a good time to sell” senior Caysie Johnson explained

The marketing class is taught by Debbie Drommerhausen, she usually teaches juniors and seniors. Every semester Drommerhausen holds a competition in her marketing classes using The Stock Market game. The game gives students virtual money and lets them invest their money and make profit or invest and lose their money.

“Learning how to manage and invest money at a young age is very important so in the future they will not struggle as much,” added Drommerhausen.

The Stock Market game is 12 weeks long and provides students with $100,000 of virtual money to invest in stocks and mutual funds. Players compete by investing in stocks or mutual funds listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE. Stock prices update daily, which lets players watch their portfolio daily. The Stock Market game is sponsored by BestPrep, a non-profit organization with a goal of teaching students financial literacy.

“It is quite simple if you do your research, practice and check on it every day” commented senior Parker Anderson on The Stock Market game.

The stock market is quite hard to understand, but yet these three students mastered the skill and spent many hours learning how to profit out of it. The dedication Gale, Johnson and Anderson had for the game is one of the biggest parts of them understanding the game.

Anyone can learn how to understand and invest in the stock market, all it takes is a lot of practice and dedication everyday to check on the stock prices.