Wallace continues community service involvement in Key Club

Senior Jordan Wallace has always had an interest in helping the community in any way possible.  She is currently doing this by being a focused, organized president of Key Club.

Wallace has always had in interest in volunteering. She started helping out  in the community when she was in elementary school and has continued doing so ever since.  Wallace finds ways to contribute, both big and small.  Last year, she became a junior officer and she is currently president of Key Club focusing on helping both the local community and also world around us.

“Volunteering has always been a part of my life, whether it is through the church or clubs at school,”  Wallace said.

Wallace has always had a big heart and looked for things she can do to help others.  She started her volunteer experience through her church, helping in many different ways, wherever help was needed.  She expanded her volunteering into other areas, such as clubs and committees at school and thus has found a niche that she is both comfortable and competent in a filling.  She has taken on projects both big and small and can find a sense of accomplishment with any issue she tackles.

Volunteering has always been a part of my life, whether it is through the church or clubs at school.”

— Jordan Wallace

“I’ve always been interested in projects that have more of a global scope, whether it’s volunteering with the 30-hour famine or fundraising to send a kid to school in a different country. I’m hoping to go to Haiti this spring to my church as well,” Wallace said.

Projects that have an effect on a global scale are the main priority for Wallace.  She finds the greatest sense of accomplishment when taking on projects that will impact others in a positive way.  She is a true humanitarian with the potential to change the world for the better and the experience to make it happen.  

“Jordan is a great president of Key Club. She is the perfect example of a student who cares about our community and the world around us. The way she presents herself shows a lot about who she is. She is always humble and a very kind person to talk to,” junior Amelia Torgerson said.

Jordan’s altruistic nature makes a good leader for Key Club. Her passion for helping others and contributing to global causes have made her a great role model for others joining  the group as well.