Langworthy loves life above the masses


Photo courtesy Stone Langworthy

Junior Stone Langworthy swings above the crowd displaying his skills as a trapeze artist.

Olivia Braun

Langworthy’s older sister did many acts including contortion and triple trapeze.  Her involvement is what interested Langworthy in the first place.

“My sister did the circus years before I did and I decided to try it out,” said Langworthy.

As Langworthy’s older sister, Morgan Langworthy is pretty proud that her little brother would follow her footsteps into the circus.

Morgan said, “I’m such a cliché proud big sister. Circus was a huge part of my life and I love that I can share it with Stone.  I brag about him to everyone and you cannot understand the circus world until you have been a part of it’s successes and failures.”

Circus isn’t very common but it isn’t difficult to get information about joining.  There are many camps and organizations that can help kids train to be in the circus.

This isn’t the first time that Langworthy has gotten attention on a wide scale because of his circus involvement.  There was an article written about him in the Stillwater Gazette this summer.

While being in the circus can get you lots of interesting and exciting attention, it can also be time demanding and a bit stressful.

“Practices get more demanding as shows get closer, in the two weeks leading up to opening night practice can be as often as twice a day and go later than midnight,” said Langworthy when asked about how demanding the circus can really get.

Is the circus a possibility for a future career?  According to Langworthy it’s not out of the question.

“I haven’t decided yet. I know people who have gone that route and they really enjoy it, but it is very hard on your body which can be difficult over an extended period of time,” he explained.

The wear and tear on the human body is definitely something to take in consideration when decided a career path but there are things to consider even before you pick a career path.  Things like the colleges that even offer an opportunity to follow the circus into a professional status.

When asked about how the circus affects college choices, Langworthy commented, “I know there’s only two colleges in the US that offer a circus program, Florida State and the University of Chicago. But there are many schools outside the US such as the Cirque du Soleil school in Montreal but I still haven’t decided.”

Few people have to make a decision quite like that but some do.

All in all, it would be pretty difficult to say that Langworthy isn’t a unique high school student.    He chose an interesting sport to excel in and he has taken it seriously.