AI effects society in new ways


Photo by Reece Bastyr

Junior Andrew Droske has a conversation leaning about the newest fashion trends on Chat GPT. It is easy to have fun with AI but using it for good takes practice.

Reece Bastyr, Social Media Editor

The internet has grown to places never known were imaginable, things that seemed to only be in fiction books. With the advancement in technology comes responsibility and the misuse of it has danger, but does that out way the good it can bring? Artificial intelligence has seen extreme developments over the past year with websites like Chat GPT and the ability to deep-fake, which is digitally manipulating a person to create something usually not true.

One of the most misunderstood things about AI is that it is going to take over. Anything can turn into a bad thing; it just depends on who and how they are using it. 

“The intentions of the person using it sort of decide whether or not it’s good or bad,” English teacher Paul Wieland said. 

Some of the best things AI is currently doing are: eliminating human error, writing the best instructions, or analyzing data. Society can rely on it without making mistakes. 

“AI can help us become more organized and more efficient and people will benefit from that,” Wieland added.

AI can help us become more organized and more efficient and people will benefit from that

— Paul Wieland

Currently, in the world the knowledge for the limitation of AI is imagination. Because AI can perceive synthesize and infer information, it makes the software unlimited creative freedom especially when the user knows what they are doing. That is why it is so hard for the government to limit the actual tools of it. 

Technology coach Mike Teachout said AI is going to be a broad brush for the government and that the government needs to keep up with what illegal things they are making like inappropriate images or defamation of people’s character. 

As AI continues to advance, tools like Chat GPT come into the picture, and the question of how AI will affect schools arises. “We’ve seen people using it to cheat so they are not actually learning the material,” sophomore Rishabh Dixit said.

Many of people do not know how much AI is actually in their life, every time a phone is opened to Google AI learns and grows more. To limit and say where the creativity of society stops with the things that can be done with AI is not needed, but rather to monitor who uses it and how. People do bad things and it cannot all be stopped but as a collective, if everyone does good hopefully that will show people the amazing things that can be done with this new technology.