Veggie Straws become a popular healthy snack


Photo by Megan Warbalow

Veggie Straws, a low calorie, healthy snack that many substitute for chips and other higher calorie foods, has become a very popular snack among teenagers. Not just for the sake of loosing weight, but also for simply eating healthy while on the go.

Carly Glaser

Over the past several years, there have been a growing number of students at Stillwater Area High School attempting to eat healthier. Some are losing weight to play sports, while others just wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. Regardless, one food item that has been popular among some students has been Veggie Straws, a low calorie, healthy snack that many substitute for chips and other higher calorie foods.

Veggie Straws, a product from Sensible Portions, are similar to regular potato chips, but with several exceptions. They contain not only potato, but also spinach and tomato, making the mix healthier than standard potato chips. They are typically sold in one ounce bags, and thus make a good snack between classes, adding to their popularity with students at SAHS.

Veggie Straws are beginning to become popular among athletes at SAHS, and with good reason. They’re a low calorie snack with complex carbs, meaning they provide energy all day, and don’t drain you after eating them.

Senior Nathan Powers said, “I started eating them last season when I was trying to cut weight. They’re surprisingly filling and taste pretty good, but at the same time you couldn’t possibly gain weight eating them, so they’re great for cutting weight safely.” Many other athletes also eat the snacks for the same reason.

Those who aren’t athletes enjoy Veggie Straws as well. They are simply viewed as a healthy way to tide oneself over between meals.

Senior Brady Schrankler said, “I really enjoy Veggie Straws. They make a great snack for second or third hour, and they’re obviously really good for you, so its a win-win the way I look at it.”

Veggie Straws haven’t caught on with everyone at SAHS. Some students say the taste just does not hold up to standard chips, and that the benefits are marginal.

Senior Jed Sandahl said, “I really don’t understand the attraction to them. They are not nearly as good as potato chips, and they are more expensive. It just does not make sense to eat them.” Others have complained about the taste as well, though most do not seem to mind it.

Veggie Straws have become known as one of the healthier snacks on the market, and as a result they have become popular with many people. They are not universally liked but seem to have found a niche market amongst the healthy living crowd at SAHS.