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Trump can handle North Korean threats

Trump can handle North Korean threats

McKenna Wohlers, Social Media Reporter

May 9, 2017

Since 1945, North Korea and South Korea have been divided by conflict at the 38th parallel. This long time conflict has had the U.S. supporting South Korea and Russia supporting North Korea. While the U.S. and the United Nations have not been involved militarily for over 50 years, the Russians have increased economic su...

Delay of war on ISIS shakes cybersecurity

Delay of war on ISIS shakes cybersecurity

Tiana Meador, Editor-in-Chief

May 3, 2016

As of early last year, Islamic terrorists sounded the alarm with threatening messages to compromise the United State's cybersecurity. Although not gaining much attention, the combination of these threats with the unlocking of the San Bernardino shooter's phone, adds to the question of when the U...

U.S. contemplates withdrawing from Afghanistan

Megan Katula

April 1, 2014

  The US army has been fighting the war in Afghanistan for nearly 13 years now and the Obama Administration has recently announced its possible plans to withdraw from said war.  If the government follows through with this plan, no troops would be kept in Afghanistan after 2014. Regarding the ...

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