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Grading policies must reflect growth and learning

Website that links communication between teachers, parents and students concerning academic achievement. Teachers post grades on this website and also announcements. Students use this tool to check their grades.
Grace Roeske, Social Media Editor November 21, 2018

The Stillwater Grade Reporting Policy is focused on reflecting student’s achievements and it explains what grading includes. It is also the link between teachers, parents/guardians and students when...

Adult advocate time redundant for seniors

Alternative Copy Story by Ben Valerius
Hannah Boardman, Editor-in-Chief January 10, 2018

Since flex time premiered at the beginning of the year, Adult Advocate days have been few and far between. The few there have been, however, have had specific activities for the senior class that differ...

Students should seek school, part-time job balance

Students in the Young Democrats club believe in informing people not only about democratic candidates, but republican candidates as well. To inform students, they make posters, and hang them around the school.
Grace McDonough, Staff Reporter February 15, 2017

While spending 12 to 15 hours a week making pizzas for minimum wage does not scream thrilling, junior Spencer Maas works to help him pay for gas and save for college. Although the number of high schoolers...

Shire Literary Center encourages more writing among teens

The Shire opened in June and since then has grown to involve more students and teachers from the community.
Emma Clarkowski, Student Playlist Editor November 12, 2016

If you are ready to take your writing to the next level, then you should look into the Shire Literary center. The Center is a helpful learning center for kids in 6-12 grade. The Shire Literary Center...

Staff to take up coveted spots in front parking lot

Staff to take up coveted spots in front parking lot
Allie Langness, Online Editor-in-Chief January 12, 2016

Pulling into the parking lot after school has started to be quite possibly the hardest part of someone’s day. Walking all the way to the main doors from the back of the parking lot can take a slow...

Proud to have pride

The gay straight alliance is a group where everyone is welcome and comfortable to talk about their orientation and get support.
September 23, 2013

“I always knew I was different than everyone else,” said Stillwater Area High School graduate Ben Frederick (’13). Ben is different because Ben is gay. Gay and proud. The LGBT community in Stillwater...

Kaul uses counseling skills to connect with students

Kaul uses his 27 years of teaching experience and masters degree in addiction counseling to connect with his students and create and enjoyable learning environment.
July 20, 2013

Michael Kaul is a teacher, mentor, counselor, and occasionally a friend. He earned a Master’s in addiction counseling and a Bachelor’s for teaching. He began teaching in 1986 and started teaching...

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