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ACT should be an embedded part of curriculum instruction

Junior Alli Kelm prepares for the ACT. There are multiple ways to prepare for the ACT. Kelm practices  her speed and knowledge of questions by doing practice worksheets.
Hannah Genosky, Distribution Reporter December 20, 2018

Forty-nine percent of high school students say that they feel “a great deal of stress” on a daily basis. High school students worry about the ACT a lot because of how important it is. Starting in ninth...

Teens increased caffeine consumption brings concern

After playing in the boys soccer quarterfinal game on Oct. 25, senior Rayce Johnson and junior Nick Purdie finish off the game and celebrate their win with a Nos energy drink.
Marie Lecuyer, Copy Editor November 12, 2018

Young adults are experiencing health drawbacks of consuming caffeine daily starting at such a young age. This generation especially is turning to caffeine to resolve stress and exhaustion. Students are...

Continuous cycle of stress causes difficulty in learning

Continuous cycle of stress causes difficulty in learning
Bella Anderson, Online Editor April 3, 2017

Stress has always been a part of people's lives and it will continue to be there until death do us part. Our bodies stretch to reach an equilibrium, but stress disrupts that. People have their own...

Transition team considers Pony Time study block next fall

Transition team considers Pony Time study block next fall
Kayla Gjerde, Social Media Reporter January 6, 2017

  The school administration is considering a 45 minute flexible period in the middle of the day on Wednesdays during five day weeks. This is a decision the transition team will have to make...

Simple stress relief by coloring books

Simple stress relief by coloring books
Erin Lemanski, Photographer February 23, 2016

Growing up as an American child, coloring books were a huge part of our daily routine. Little did we know that this was just a way for our parents to keep us distracted for a good hour or two. Now,...

Mental health among teens, an exploration

Mental health among teens, an exploration
Brian Jaap, Layout Editor February 10, 2016

Mental illness is an extremely touchy subject that many prefer not to talk about.  There are many factors that contribute to mental illness, especially in high school students. According to,...

Captains lead their teams despite stress

Captains of the swim and dive team, Jane Delahunt, Abby Kunze, Ellie Hill and Margaret Eisenbrandt, sit together during a meet. The swim and dive team has been undefeated for over 125 dual meets. Photo  Photo by Kleio Vrohidis Courtesy Becky Hill
Kleio Vrohidis, Online Editor October 28, 2015

The average student is generally compiled with heavy loads of stress, it's inevitable. It is more common than not to see a high school student stressing over something like school, extracurricular...

Students stress about grades, not about learning

Darby Whitehill is incredibly outspoken, and loves what he does, in this picture he is teaching his Algebra 3 class in the morning.
Brian Jaap, Layout Editor October 21, 2015

"There's definitely too much stress on grades in my opinion," junior Corri Gardner said. "Instead of learning to enhance lives, we're rushing to get everything done. On the other hand, knowledge can...

Balancing competing pressures

Balancing competing pressures
Megan Fayler, Copy Editor April 11, 2015

Everyday students face an onslaught of anxiety and stress. Competition and athletics can be a leading factor to the high levels of stress students feel. Stress can be both healthy and unhealthy. When...

Students learn to balance stress and free time

With the average hours of sleep declining and increasing homework expectations, many students find themselves battling stress on a daily basis. Students have to learn to work through the stress while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Lexi Fitch Green November 26, 2013

Stress and pressure are universal issues that any student may have to overcome. First take school, then add on sports and extracurricular activities, coaches, teachers and not to mention parents, and there...

Staff Editorial: new studies raise question, how much homework is too much?

Graphic by Clara Ilkka
Pony Express Staff November 25, 2013

Homework is a common source of stress for high school students.  After spending six and a half hours at school, students are typically left with two to four hours of homework.  Homework can be helpful,...

School related stress spurs anxiety

Kenzie Monson October 19, 2013

Many students struggle with stress and anxiety that comes from school. There are other factors that lead to stress, such as bullying or the different cliques at school. Homework, however, also causes a...

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