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Alumni’s time in Italy cut short

2018 alumnus Sintra Nichols strolls down the streets of Florence, Italy. In late February, Nichols was forced to return home to Minnesota due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rosie Nichols, Layout Editor

April 6, 2020

"It was like going up on a roller coaster and you're going up to the highest peak, you're so excited to see from the top and that fun experience of going down. Then with about 20% left the ride just stops and you have to go back down," said first year student at Marist University and 2018 Stillwater graduate Sintra Nichols. A passion for tra...

Students find independence taking gap year

Sintra Nichols a 2018 SAHS graduate who did an apprenticeship in Florianopolis, Brazil. Nichols worked at a preschool and help aid for the betterment of the school.

Joseph Devins, Business Editor-in-Chief

May 24, 2019

A few Stillwater students are taking a year break in between going to school. A gap year is used for students who want to serve as an intern or raise more money for college. Some students take a gap year to work or travel, among other things. Sintra Nichols, a 2018 SAHS graduate, took a gap year and...

…Someone had lipstick on their teeth?

Linnea Phillips, Print Editor-in-Chief

February 15, 2018

People would rather try to subtly and politely tell a person that they have something in or on their teeth than tell them outright. If someone were to point out something in a person's teeth they could be considered rude, and risk embarrassing the person with stuff in their teeth. When someone has something...

Gap year in Brazil means more than traveling to Nichols

Senior Sintra Nichols plans to take a gap year to travel to Brazil thanks to a scholarship program called Global Citizen.

Mira Lanasa, Layout Editor-in-Chief

February 12, 2018

During her junior year, senior Sintra Nichols felt she had lost purpose in her education. She wanted to get back on track, but found the only way to get back en route was to go off the trail entirely, and pioneer a new track which lands her in Brazil. Sintra is popularly known for her academics, ...

Financial aid, flawed necessity

Financial aid, flawed necessity

Adam Humpal, Social Media Reporter

December 5, 2016

Massive student debt, skyrocketing college tuition and a widening education achievement gap has fueled the discussion about federal financial aid for college. President Barack Obama has made student debt a national initiative when he announced the “Student Debt Challenge”, which was meant to raise...

Jack Lange’s photography progresses with age

Photo by Jack Lange. Junior and photographer Jack Lange enjoys photographing what he sees in his regular life. This photo, taken in July of 2015, is captioned on Lange’s Instagram account with “North Shore - featuring crabby forest ranger.”

Anna Koenning, Copy Editor

November 15, 2016

Plenty of people consider photography to be a hobby, but not many possess a passion or dexterity quite like junior Jack Lange does. His Instagram account made specifically for photography, called jtnovo, attracts hundreds with his keen eye for that perfect shot. Since beginning the account in Feb. 2014,...

Builders Club improves community early on

The Kiwanis Club is the adult version of Key Club. They partner up with the Builders Club to help guide them in the right path. “Yes, we partner with the builders club and I think it’s a great idea because we all work together,” sophomore Sintra Nichols says.

Erin Lemanski, Photographer

May 10, 2016

  Serving the world one community at a time, that is what the Builders club at Stillwater Junior High School stands for. Their goal is to improve the community with the help of the Kiwanis club alongside them. The club aims to create service-minded students and provide leadership opportunities for ...

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