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Academic Vision team proposes new grading policy draft

The Academic Vision Committee's new draft of a school wide grading policy released on Jan 7. While still a rough draft, it is getting a lot of feedback from staff.

Ellsa Ohmann, Layout Editor

March 20, 2019

In January, the school's Academic Vision team created a draft for a new school-wide grading policy. The draft was distributed to staff around the building to gather constructive feedback. Ideas for this draft arose when administration and teachers were getting multiple questions and comments from par...

STEM and liberal arts offer opportunities beyond high school

STEM and liberal arts offer opportunities beyond high school

Travis Jacobson, Social Media Reporter

November 7, 2016

According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, by their 50's, students who majored in a liberal arts degree earn about $2,000 more than students who majored in professional degrees. Culturally and socially, arts are important to students. Arts encourage students to express themselv...

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