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Falzones passion results in her dream

Former Pony Express member Chelsey Falzone talks to the first hour newspaper class. Falzone was a former newspaper EIC and now works for the Minnesota Twins as their Coordinator of Community Relations.

Ella Nelson, Copy Editor

January 20, 2020

A home run, the cheering crowd as the player races to home base, the statistics of every game holds. Every aspect of baseball Chelsey Falzone fell in love with at a young age and became determined to share with everyone. Her love of baseball all started when she began to watch her brother play baseball....

Falzone reflects on journey to Twins Stadium

In the start of Falzones career she tried to begin her career and was faced with reject. After being denied the internship she wanted she responded with working even harder. She says,

Sam Begin, Print Editor-in-Chief

February 20, 2016

Chelsey Falzone presents to the Newspaper class with an odd blend of pride and humility, proudly displaying the photos she had taken of the Minnesota Twin’s baseball players, and yet adopting a serious and even slightly self-deprecating tone when she describes how she got to her position. A graduate of ...

Twin’s player Ervin Santana suspended 80 games for drug use

Graphic by Sam Buckrey

Maddie Maroney, Social Media Managing Editor

May 12, 2015

Recently, the Minnesota Twins' player Ervin Santana was banned from 80 games due to failing a drug test. This failed drug test was proof to the Twins that the players of the team need to take the place on the team more seriously rather than risking their positions on steroids. Santana will not ad...

Rand: role of sports reporting evolving image of athletes

Photo by Rachel Steil</strong><br />
In the last few years sports reporting has changed drastically.  Social media is the main cause of this change. 
“What social media has done to reporters has sped us up,” Michael Rand said. “It’s made me think how we cover things now and what access we have to resources nonstop. Sure, it’s a lot more action filled but it is a lot more exciting.”

Emily Lodahl, Layout Editor

February 1, 2015

The sports reporting world has taken a curve ball the past couple years according to Star Tribune’s digital sports editor, Michael Rand. The rise of social media has impacted how sports and athletes are covered and perceived in the public’s eye. According to Rand, sports reporting previously consisted o...

Gauger lands job at Target Field

Lucien Lemanski

May 20, 2014

The smell of fresh cut grass permeates the air then all of a sudden senior Colton Gauger hears the griddle start to fire up for todays game. He walks out from the shop to take a look at the empty Twins' stadium “Yea,” he thinks. “Today is going to be a good day for a baseball game.” Each year the Twins ...

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