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Math MCA scores decline over past years

Students review their Precalculus unit test by going over frequently missed questions with math teacher Sara Biermaier during class time. MCA tests should be treated in the same respect, where teachers encourage studying by reviewing material with students.

Elle Guggenberger, Graphics Editor

November 25, 2019

Just weeks ago, many students received their previous year’s MCA results. The MCAs are a state assessment which helps to measure how well students are performing relative to the state’s academic standards for college and career readiness. The MCA test consists of three sections: math, reading and s...

Staff couples share a glimpse into their lives

The Banicks met in Jan. 2013 at a friend's house. This picture was taken right when the Banicks starting dating.

Claire Anderson, Field Reporter

February 14, 2019

Amanda Banick, math teacher and girls swim and dive coach, worked at the White Bear Lake ALC. The security guard at the school consistently offered her his son's phone number. She felt it was a little out of the ordinary. After many failed attempts, a secretary convinced her and she gave Amanda's numbe...

April 20 walkout marks 19 year anniversary of Columbine

Alternative Copy Story and photos by Kaitlin Kirby

Ike Gunderson, Online Editor

April 11, 2018

After another mass school shooting occurred on Feb. 14, teens decided they had enough. Following the tragedy which claimed 17 lives, many students from around the country sprung into action. They began planning nationwide school walkouts to honor the victims of all school shootings, as well as lobby for...

Homecoming brings 1000th game and first-ever parade

The Ponies football team huddles during the homecoming game. “We all stand as one school,” Megan Ramberg says.

Kaitlyn Kirby, Business Editor

September 18, 2017

Homecoming plays an important part in many student’s high school experience. This year Stillwater homecoming was exceptionally memorable with it being the 1000th Pony game. For seniors, their last homecoming may have been bittersweet. The 1000th Pony game was memorable for students, teachers and c...

Football teams family like bond contributes to success

The Ponies huddle up after a play. The boys support and encourage each other to build teamwork and motivation. “Teamwork is working together and giving everything you have no matter what the score is or situation,” said senior Jake McLean. “Everybody is so close and it just helps the overall mood of the team.”

Calli Clay, Social Media Editor

October 28, 2014

The key to success is teamwork; something Stillwater's football team has not been lacking. With motivation and communication, the team has created an exciting season. The team has shown their ability to work together by staying undefeated up until their homecoming game. Due to the teams ability to work together...

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