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Moms Demand Action fight to stop gun violence, start responsible gun ownership laws

The U.S. gun homicide rate is 25 times that of other high-income countries and Moms Demand Action is fighting to bring that number down. They are fighting to prevent gun violence and fighting to keep everyone safe. Protesters gather in Washington for a gun march in January 2013.

Alexis Brainard, Online Editor

December 7, 2019

  Moms Demand Action is an organization that focuses on preventing and stopping gun violence in the United States. They fight for public safety and push for responsible gun ownership. The groups have meetings and activities to spread awareness in different communities. “I like owning a ...

Back to school PSA shows new reality of going to school

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Mia Lucido, Distribution Editor

October 1, 2019

Gun violence, especially in schools, is a prevalent topic in today’s society. The Sandy Hook Promise Organization put out a video PSA entitled “Back to School Essentials” urging viewers to know the signs to help end gun violence. The video shows students using school supplies to protect and save themselves in a scho...

EIC Column: marching makes a major difference

EIC Column: marching makes a major difference

Ellie Faeth, Print Editor-in-Chief

March 16, 2018

Dating all the way back to 1941, marching in protests on the streets of Washington D.C. (among many other state capitols) have become highly publicized, popular events, especially in recent years. These types of protests are extremely important in today’s society, as they were since 1941, and actua...

Obama needs tougher gun laws

Obama needs tougher gun laws

Brian Jaap, Layout Editor

November 18, 2015

The spectrum is extremely wide when it comes to the control of firearms. For centuries, people have had differing views on whether a person's firearms should be controlled by the people or if the government should make sure the people owning guns are safe. This subject is an extremely important topi...

Teachers should be armed for student protection

Graphic by Clara Ilkka

Ross Stickler

November 29, 2013

With two more school shootings added to the 11 previously this year, students across the country are looking for answers as to why school shootings still happen. None of the teachers involved in any of these shootings were armed.  Most, if not all, of these school shootings could have been avoided by h...

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