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Green New Deal is vital to the country’s reputation as a respectable nation

Green New Deal is vital to the country's reputation as a respectable nation
Grace Wirkkala, Online Editor February 11, 2019

Something must be done about climate change. It is understandable to hear of worry among younger generations when reputable sources like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) report...

Minnesota winters change due to climate change

Downtown Stillwater the St. Croix River is frozen, but there is not as much snow on the ground due to the flexuating weather this winter. Over the years there seems to be not as much snow compared to previous winters.
Elli Swanson, Photographer January 25, 2019

Over the years, Minnesota winters have differentiated due to mild changes within our Earth's climate. "I certainly remember different winters when I was growing up," biology teacher Benjamin Straka said....

Global warming, a growing problem

Alternate Copy Story by Wyatt Wasko
Wyatt Wasko, Social Media Editor January 14, 2018

An increasing number of scientists all agree, global warming is real and getting worse. There are a wide range of effects of the warming, rising sea levels, ocean acidification and coral bleaching...

Without change, global warming plan fails to heat up

Without change, global warming plan fails to heat up
Alexander Pavlicin, Advertising Editor December 10, 2014

As an estimated 250 million cars rumble across the vast United States highway system, an invisible, dangerous threat to American safety looms in the air: carbon emissions. More of a threat to humanity...

IPPC claims support of global warming

Alec Youngblood June 2, 2014

Global warming and climate change have been highly debated topics over the past several decades and now the United Nations has released its public opinion. Only meeting once or twice per decade, the Intergovernmental...

Obama takes climate change into his own hands

Graphic by Clara Ilkka
Tim Press December 11, 2013

With so much disagreement these days among major political players in the country, it seems that almost every important issue seems impossible to take care of while pleasing everybody. These impasses accomplish...

Obama attempts to control global coal-burning plants

Alex Pierson November 27, 2013

President Obama is at it once again,  he is trying to control the coal-burning plants globally.  His goal is to reduce carbon emissions from these factories. It is a bad idea for Obama and the Environmental...

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