The Pony Express

Austin Buck, Otto Hanlon, Mason Buck and Hugh Hanlon film a trip for their channel. This is one of the many trips they will go on.

Youtube brings Bush Bros together

Emily Hornbuckle, Business Editor May 27, 2021

Juniors Austin Buck, Mason Buck, Hugh Hanlon and sophomore Otto Hanlon have been making YouTube videos for a couple years. They have always been interested in the outdoors and they have been exploring...

Glass took the top box office pull in but was soon beat out by The Lego Movie 2.

‘Glass’ shatters box office

Joseph Devins, Business Editor January 21, 2019

Glass is a movie written, directed and produced by M. Night Shyamalan. Taking a different view of how superheroes are portrayed on the silver screen. Premiering Jan. 18, Glass took the top box office...

Alternative Copy Story by Hannah Boardman

Cutaway video class encourages self-expression

Tess Schoenborn, Online Editor December 10, 2017

From music videos to advertisements, Cutaway Productions creates many different kinds of videos. Cutaway was created by video production teacher, Debbie Drew. Drew hand-picks students from the middle...

Alternative Copy Story by Josh Framke

Idea Quest garners original ideas from staff to improve district

Susan Hubard, Video Editor November 28, 2017

During the early part of November, staff have been invited to create and share suggestions via PONY Idea Quest, a website for sparking innovative ideas and helpful changes in schools districts. Idea...

Video teacher leads with film business past

Video teacher leads with film business past

Alexander Pavlicin, Advertising Editor January 13, 2015

A dark background contrasts with the natural white light filtering in from outside. The weather is dreary; rainfall can be heard hitting the walls of the studio. Yet in the moment, once the red button...

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