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Students express creativity at Da Vinci Fest

Students visit the Gertens booth at the Da Vinci Fest Jan. 25. Students were able to take a quiz to learn about different plants. The Gertens  booth was one out of the 41 community booths guests could visit.

Brianne Johnson, Layout Editor

January 31, 2020

The 12th Annual Da Vinci Fest was held Jan. 25 at Stillwater High School. The Da Vinci Fest is an educational fair open to the community in the spirit of Leonardo Da Vinci. The fest is put on by The Partnership Plan and highlights art, science and technology projects all created by Stillwater students...

Photojournalism: vital form of news

“Photojournalism is a category of photography for news, and it’s where maybe the news journalists go to a certain part of a country as part of the story that they’re trying to find,” Photography teacher Christina Weese says.

Aaron Yang, Social Media Reporter

May 6, 2017

Every newspaper, article, or any type of stories you see with an image in the front, always has a meaning behind it. The definition of what the photo represents is called photojournalism. Photojournalism helps readers connect the photo to the story, and plays a big part in helping readers become more en...

AP Studio Art creates portfolios

Senior Andrea Gomez Molano working on a piece for her portfolio. “I want people to realize that my country and my home is so much more than just war and drug trafficking, it is really important for me to show that in every one of my pieces,” Gomez Molano says.

Hannah Drake, Print Editor-In-Chief

February 10, 2017

Artistically talented students have a special opportunity. Students who excel and who are passionate about their art work have a chance to take part in the AP Studio Art (APSA) class taught by Carey Nisi. This class focuses on four main ideas: a student’s commitment to experience the technical, formal and expressive means of their own ar...

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