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Cat Clements influences comment with political involvement

Cat Clements supporting Alan Kantrud as she goes door knocking in Stillwater on a Sunday afternoon.

Allison Heintz, Layout Editor

November 10, 2016

As the final election debate comes to an end, many individual's political views and thoughts increase greatly. When thinking of a politically involved person, the image of a high school student doesn't pop into the mind, but for many students, Cat Clements is a junior very politically involved stu...

Coffee shops battle for best ‘study spot’

The iconic Commander building that Tin Bins is located in. The original tower was built in 1898 and is one of Stillwater most iconic buildings. “It makes the space really interesting and I think it’s utilized very well! The unique location, history and space combine to make it a staple in our community” Cat Clements says.

Payton Filipiak, Online Editor

November 6, 2016

Nothing goes together better than long nights of studying and a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. That combination can be found frequently at the many coffee shops in Stillwater. Coffee shops have become an increasingly popular place for students to study, both alone and in groups. Three of the most pop...

Alan Kantrud fights for House seat against Kathy Lohmer

Press photo from

Hannah Boardman, Layout Editor

September 25, 2016

Kathy Lohmer has been the District 39B representative for years, and for the first time since she won in 2010, she is in danger of losing her place. Alan Kantrud, a new-comer to the political scene, is taking the local election by storm with his efforts to replace Lohmer for a seat in the Minnesota Ho...

Students involve themselves in political clubs

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

September 25, 2016

The Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton debate is far from dissipating, and the Young Democrats and Youth Republicans clubs are just as far from agreeing on every issue. However, despite political differences, they are much more alike than many would think. When the Young Democrats and Youth Republican ...

Mental health among teens, an exploration

Mental health among teens, an exploration

Brian Jaap, Layout Editor

February 10, 2016

Mental illness is an extremely touchy subject that many prefer not to talk about.  There are many factors that contribute to mental illness, especially in high school students. According to, as children approach their teenage years, one in five 13-18 year olds have, or will have, a serious mental illness and fifty percent ...

Obama needs tougher gun laws

Obama needs tougher gun laws

Brian Jaap, Layout Editor

November 18, 2015

The spectrum is extremely wide when it comes to the control of firearms. For centuries, people have had differing views on whether a person's firearms should be controlled by the people or if the government should make sure the people owning guns are safe. This subject is an extremely important topi...

Students stress about grades, not about learning

Darby Whitehill is incredibly outspoken, and loves what he does, in this picture he is teaching his Algebra 3 class in the morning.

Brian Jaap, Layout Editor

October 21, 2015

"There's definitely too much stress on grades in my opinion," junior Corri Gardner said. "Instead of learning to enhance lives, we're rushing to get everything done. On the other hand, knowledge can be gained at your own pace. Grades don't prove knowledge, and school definitely doesn't teach you ev...

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