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Community team pushes new recommendations for upcoming meeting

Community  members can look online to see when the school board meetings are happening. The community can go to these meetings to hear recommendations of the CDT and voice their opinions and recommendations.

Rachel Duerr, Online Editor

February 15, 2020

Changes in a school district are inevitable. As a community and school, there are many needs that need to be met involving financial and physical updates. A large part of these changes revolves around the Community Design Team and school board. The Community Design Team is a newly developed team made ...

Three school board members exemplify the bystander effect in private Facebook group

The private page is not easily accessible. In order to gain access one has to know someone in the group, request that they allow them to request to join the group and then get accepted. This makes it incredibly difficult to use the conversations in the group as evidence to the public of maltreatment and malice because it is difficult to ascertain in the first place.

Hannah Sween, Print Editor-in-Chief

April 12, 2019

There is a secret Facebook group called “Support Our Schools - 834 Unites.” It does not show up on the search page, the only way to gain access is by requesting admission from one of its current members. The group boasts 1,600 plus members including three school board members: Sarah Stivland, Liz We...

First Student Council presidents of color help increase their peers’ voices

Student council presidents, seniors Abdulaziz and Nikhil Kumaran represent student voices in the board meeting about the Brookview expansion.

Ashlynn O'Connor, Social Media Editor

January 27, 2019

Senior best friends Abdulaziz Mohamed and Nikhil Kumaran are known as the first student council presidents of color. These young men are known to have done a remarkable job leading the student council. They both want to make a difference for their peers. They lead the council with party planning, dances...

Staff Editorial: keep budget cuts away from classroom

Photo by Paige Sanders

Pony Express Staff

December 17, 2018

Due to a $2.5 million deficit for the 2019-20 school year, board members are working to reduce expenses.  Thousands of people will be impacted in the district next year as tough decisions will be made to cut the budget. Board members should aim to make cuts that have the least impact on student learning. Programs,...

Brookview Elementary expansion uncertain with new school board candidates

Brookview Elementary school, located in Woodbury, is considering an expansion to the school for the increasing amount the students the are to come in the future. The school is built around multiple neighborhoods and are soon to grow.

Elli Swanson, Photographer

November 14, 2018

Brookview Elementary, District 834's newest elementary school is hoping to expand very soon due to the developing neighborhoods near by. Brookview Elementary school located in Woodbury has almost met its capacity of students and continues to increase in size. Because of the increase in students...

School board candidates discuss key issues

Running school board candidates Mark Burns, Matthew Cooper, Jon Fila, Don Hovland, Shelley Pearson, Tina Riehle, and Liz Weisberg speak at a panel. They are campaigning for the four school board seats opening on December 31st, 2018.

Matt Moore, Podcast Reporter

October 23, 2018

Nov. 6 is election day across the country. Locally, seven candidates are running for the four open seats on the Stillwater School District School Board. Each candidate has the difficult task of addressing key issues Stillwater Schools is currently facing. Now that the calendar has flipped to Oct., that leaves approximately one month remaining until th...

Potential Brookview addition sparks debate

Brookview Elementary, the second smallest school in the district, stands on Brookview Avenue.  It is so small that according to Superintendent Denise Pontrelli,

John Franklin, Copy Editor

October 23, 2018

The School Board has met on multiple occasions over the past months to discuss a possible expansion to Brookview Elementary. They have also explored whether to re-open Oak-Park and spend money to hire new staff. The agenda item under consideration was labeled "Facility & Financial Considerations...

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