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Senior Megan Puhrmann smiles with District 39 senator candidate Josiah Hill during a campaign gathering. Puhrmann began volunteering on the campaign in the fall, and she really enjoys it.

Puhrmann finds calling through campaign internship

Sandy Liu, Distribution Reporter February 15, 2020

Essays. Research papers. Dry facts and statistics. These characteristics typical of most final projects were completely thrown out the window by one student, and in such a way that allowed for a fresh...

On Dec. 30, 2019, Jeff Anderson, a Stillwater attorney, announced a lawsuit against the St. Michael diocese in California. Anderson and his team were able to file the lawsuit after they helped pass the California Child Victims Act, which removed the statute of limitations for childhood sexual assault or abuse.

Sexual abuse attorney, Jeff Anderson, pioneers new field of law

Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief February 12, 2020

In 1982, Tom Krauel, a by-the-book lawyer, was faced with an insurmountable task by perspective clients, the Lymans: prosecute Thomas Anderson, the priest who molested their son, Greg. Krauel’s self-doubt...

Juniors Emily Shanley and Johanna Teegarden smile big with other Girl Scouts for their leader. Teegarden and Shanley have been in Girl Scouts together since first grade.

Shanley drives for Gold Award

Natalie Williams, Photography Editor January 26, 2020

As citizens pass through the hospital, they may notice changes in the availability of media sources such as books and board games.  While it may seem like Girl Scouts is fun and games, hard work...

Former Pony Express member Chelsey Falzone talks to the first hour newspaper class. Falzone was a former newspaper EIC and now works for the Minnesota Twins as their Coordinator of Community Relations.

Falzones passion results in her dream

Ella Nelson, Copy Editor January 20, 2020

A home run, the cheering crowd as the player races to home base, the statistics of every game holds. Every aspect of baseball Chelsey Falzone fell in love with at a young age and became determined to share...

Former high school resource officer David Kisch spoke to the second hour newspaper class for their final. Kisch talks about his experiences at the high school and what it is like working with law enforcement.

Former police officer David Kisch impacts many by doing what he loves

Ella Gag, Social Media Editor January 17, 2020

The traits devotion, loyalty, being trustworthy, dependable, and courageous make an inspiring leader. Officer David Kisch is a former Oak Park Heights police officer and former School Resource Officer...

Social studies teacher Mike Weiss and his family are now the owners of a farm on the Willow River. They live on the farm full-time and run it as a family.

Farm brings unexpected joy to Mike Weiss, family of six

Mairin Torgerson, Photographer January 9, 2020

Down the Willow River on the Wisconsin side, nestled up on a hill rests a 1920 farmhouse situated on 20 acres of land. Farmland takes up eight acres and fruit trees cover about seven more. Flowers adorn...

ASL teacher Becky Mazzara is back teaching after a license issue. She is very excited to be back doing what she loves, teaching ASL to students.

Becky Mazzara returns after updating her license

Brianne Johnson, Layout Editor December 18, 2019

ASL teacher Becky Mazzara has returned to teaching. In August, Mazzara found out she would not teach this year unless her license was up to state standards. Mazzara spent the last few months working on...

Senior Dylan Stormoen practices one of the many poses yoga has to offer. Dylan began teaching classes at Studio One Yoga in September.

Dylan Stormoen begins teaching yoga at local studio

Austin Fierro, Online Editor December 15, 2019

The art of yoga has been used as a relaxation exercise for many years. Led by one or more instructors, students will assume various poses in order to simultaneously stretch their muscles and relax. Senior...

The Wellness Center is available for all students who want to make healthy lifestyle choices and for those who want to improve their overall well-being.

Teens glorify eating disorders

Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2019

It is often mistaken that eating disorders result from choice of lifestyle. Eating disorders are classified as an illness rather than a choice. Disordered eating is highly associated with teenagers...

The U.S. gun homicide rate is 25 times that of other high-income countries and Moms Demand Action is fighting to bring that number down. They are fighting to prevent gun violence and fighting to keep everyone safe. Protesters gather in Washington for a gun march in January 2013.

Moms Demand Action fight to stop gun violence, start responsible gun ownership laws

Alexis Brainard, Online Editor December 7, 2019

  Moms Demand Action is an organization that focuses on preventing and stopping gun violence in the United States. They fight for public safety and push for responsible gun ownership. The groups...

Sophomore twins Ava and Elise Karlstad pose for a picture after a dance recital in March. The twins dance at Inspiration Performing Arts Center (IPAC) in Mahtomedi.

Karlstad twins share strong passion for the arts

Charlie Valerius, Online Editor December 3, 2019

It’s a frigid December morning when the 6 a.m. alarm goes off to welcome you to another day of high school. For most teenagers, hitting the snooze button to spend an extra 10 minutes in between warm...

Senior Meghana Acharya works in science teacher Doug Petty's third hour physics class. She solves a problem presented on the board during a lesson. Physics has been one of the more challenging courses that she has taken, Acharya describes.

Acharya strives for excellence throughout academic journey

Sandy Liu, Distribution Reporter November 30, 2019

Half a serotonin molecule, an eye set in a sun and a one-line sketch of a face. All of these designs are set in ink on her skin. The tattoo that holds the most significance for senior Meghana Acharya,...

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