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Andrea says this is her favorite art piece. Her art style is unique and abstract. Andrea often does not make self portraits, yet her skills prove she is able to create any piece of art beautifully.

Andrea Kaiser rises in popularity on TikTok through art

Emma Wagner, Copy Editor-in-chief November 28, 2020

As she presses the publish button, senior Andrea Kaiser smiles and relaxes. A new TikTok video will help boost her following and her rising art business. Although her new video is only half a minute, her...

Sophomore Hannah Hebert uses her Little Free Library she built for the community in front of her house. She hopes people will use it to start enjoying reading as much as she does.

Hannah Hebert helps make the community a better place

Isabella Appert, Distribution Reporter November 28, 2020

Sophomore Hannah Hebert has put a lot of effort into trying to make her community a better place this year. She built a Little Free Library with her dad on a hot day this summer, and put it in her front...

Jayden Leach, Nick Koehn, Tanner Voight, Jacob Carlson, and Timmy Fultz Posing for a picture before their stage time

Chamber Choir gets new rules

Nick Koehn, Podcast Reporter November 23, 2020

One of the schools elite choirs that students need to audition to get into is Chamber Choir. This choir is taught by choir teacher Kaitlyn Larson. Chamber Choir is very important for the freshman singers....

The high school’s Concert Orchestra performed at SEC led by Orchestra Director Jerry Jones. The orchestra performed The Barber of Seville by Gioachino Rossini, Rhosymedre by Vaughan Williams and Firebird by Stravinsky.

Jerry Jones returns to lead Concert Orchestra fall quarter

Sam Hart, Video Editor November 21, 2020

Jerry Jones returned to his former job as a high school orchestra teacher this fall. Former orchestra teacher  Zach Sawyer and his fiancee decided to move back to Boston to see his family.  “His...

Junior Brendon Rich sits at the Daily Grind for a late afternoon coffee. Laughing at jokes from friends, Brendon participates in a laid-back interview with The Pony Express. The humming of the espresso machine is drowned out by Brendon sharing their own personal stories.

Becoming myself: Brendon Rich

Sophia Arndt, Photography Editor November 19, 2020

Brendon sits quiet, silhouette illuminated by the fluorescent blue light of their computer. Zoned out from the music playing softly, staring determinedly at the email document.  Deep breath, and begin.  Dear...

Andrew Smiths three children. Smith is a beloved English teacher, who has gone through many hardships in his personal life.

Smith family encounters many medical scares with their children

Abby Anderson, Photography Editor November 19, 2020

After a restless night, English Teacher Andrew Smith woke up on October 20th, 2009, alone in his house. His wife was still at the hospital with their son after giving birth the day before. He, however,...

Missa showcases her unique art style. She prefers to draw art that is meaningful to her instead of drawing familiar objects. Every part of her drawings and paintings have a special meaning.

Missa Lunzer expresses herself through art

Emma Wagner, Copy Editor-in-Chief November 18, 2020

Pen hits paper. A swirling line wisps across the page as the ink seeps through the paper and resonates. Drastic angles slash through the smooth curvature back and forth creating sharp twists of contrast....

Junior Soren Gabor shows his academic prowess and true determination throughout his career. He’s on the Stillwater boys track team, the debate team, and volunteers actively around the community.

Gabor strives for brilliance

Connor Quaderer, Podcast Reporter November 18, 2020

Something was missing from this late summer afternoon. The chilled breeze rustled the hedges outside of his ground floor window as junior Soren Gabor sits at his desk, pondering his purpose. The roar of...

Pinty Nidersson takes a selfie with one of her many sheep. She loves taking photos with her sheep when she goes out to care for them.

Nidersson learns responsibilities from her own backyard

Bella Godfrey, Online Editor November 18, 2020

The stall door creaks open on a bright morning at the Nidersson Farm. As she steps out into nature, the grass crunhes under boots while her beloved sheep run to greet her. After taking in the scene of...

Students can grab lunch from three locations this school year, the main rotunda, the Pony Market, and the main lunch line. At least one cafeteria worker looks over each location to help students and count meals.

Cafeteria worker’s daily schedule

Nissa Wilcox, Layout Editor November 18, 2020

It is 6 a.m., very few cars are parked in the Stillwater Area High School parking lot, one of these cars belongs to the SAHS kitchen manager, Amy Richardson. As Amy heads in to begin preparing breakfast...

Senior Lexi Huber recently committed to University of St. Thomas. The school changed from Division 3 to Division 1  school for athletics, allowing Huber to make her decision to play there.

Lexi Huber: continues family soccer legacy

Mairin Torgerson, Photography Editor-in-Chief November 18, 2020

With hundreds of students sitting in the stands in the U.S. Bank Stadium, senior Lexi Huber could feel the pressure as the clock ticked down in the final seconds of the 2018 MSHSL State championship for...

Photo credit to Beth Dierkhising.
Drake takes part in physical therapy twice a week which will help him regain strength and mobility. Pictured he is using an ice machine to reduce swelling after therapy.

Life altered for Drake Dierkhising after injury

Annika Citsay, Distribution Reporter November 18, 2020

His feet stepped onto the cold, dark, wet field after waiting three years to return to the game he loved. Drake’s prior injury had produced a major setback to his past football seasons and was struggling...

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