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Teens glorify eating disorders

The Wellness Center is available for all students who want to make healthy lifestyle choices and for those who want to improve their overall well-being.
Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2019

It is often mistaken that eating disorders result from choice of lifestyle. Eating disorders are classified as an illness rather than a choice. Disordered eating is highly associated with teenagers...

Moms Demand Action fight to stop gun violence, start responsible gun ownership laws

The U.S. gun homicide rate is 25 times that of other high-income countries and Moms Demand Action is fighting to bring that number down. They are fighting to prevent gun violence and fighting to keep everyone safe. Protesters gather in Washington for a gun march in January 2013.
Alexis Brainard, Online Editor December 7, 2019

  Moms Demand Action is an organization that focuses on preventing and stopping gun violence in the United States. They fight for public safety and push for responsible gun ownership. The groups...

Karlstad twins share strong passion for the arts

Sophomore twins Ava and Elise Karlstad pose for a picture after a dance recital in March. The twins dance at Inspiration Performing Arts Center (IPAC) in Mahtomedi.
Charlie Valerius, Online Editor December 3, 2019

It’s a frigid December morning when the 6 a.m. alarm goes off to welcome you to another day of high school. For most teenagers, hitting the snooze button to spend an extra 10 minutes in between warm...

Acharya strives for excellence throughout academic journey

Senior Meghana Acharya works in science teacher Doug Petty's third hour physics class. She solves a problem presented on the board during a lesson. Physics has been one of the more challenging courses that she has taken, Acharya describes.
Sandy Liu, Distribution Reporter November 30, 2019

Half a serotonin molecule, an eye set in a sun and a one-line sketch of a face. All of these designs are set in ink on her skin. The tattoo that holds the most significance for senior Meghana Acharya,...

English teacher Kim Thompson announces retirement

English teacher Kim Thompson talks with her English 10 students. She often works in small groups of students or up in the front of class.
Mia Lucido, Distribution Editor November 26, 2019

“I like how much I grew because I was constantly being challenged, my thinking and my maturity was always being tested and I was always growing. And it was really fun to master different ways of teaching...

Andrew Smith, from businessman to beloved teacher

English teacher Andrew Smith has meaningful discussions with his students. One thing Smith prioritizes is keeping up to date with what his students find relevant and establishing strong connections with them that last for years to come.
Olivia Bystrom, Field Reporter November 22, 2019

“As teachers, we are what they have to grow beyond,” English teacher Andrew Smith said. Smith is incredibly fond of that quote from Star Wars. His individual approach to education follows the...

Ava Roots uses colors to tell stories

The cast performs the final bow of the last performance of
Brianne Johnson, Layout Editor November 9, 2019

  “Using colors to tell a story,” is what freshman Ava Roots does with the costumes for the fall theatre production Almost Maine.  Roots is the student costumer for the fall production...

Joe Kalka hopes to propel speech to new heights

The speech team is hard at work at practice last season. Head speech coach Joe Kalka hopes to bring a new perspective to this team when the season starts in November.
Ally Benning, Podcast Reporter November 7, 2019

The speech team had success last year under former head coach (now assistant coach) English teacher Laura Hammond. Last year, the team placed fourth in sections and had six people qualify for the state...

Reid Ballantyne’s record breaks wrestling success

Junior Reid Ballantyne won first place at one of their latest matches in early January at the U of M. Out of all the teams that won placements, Ballantyne was first place.
Alexis Brainard, Online editor November 1, 2019

Junior Reid Ballantyne is a three time-state wrestling champion. Apart from being a champion, he also holds many records and is striving to earn more. "I hate losing, so I am willing to do pretty much...

Keegan Kogl wins award of excellence from Congress of Future Medical leaders

While most students were sitting by the poolside, junior Keegan Kogl was in Boston for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.  The event took place last June, and he got his certificate of excellence for attending it on Sept. 27.
John Franklin, Copy Editor-in-Chief October 29, 2019

Last summer, junior Keegan Kogl went to Boston for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders.  Kogl got called down to the main office to receive his award of excellence to certify he attended on Sept....

Students adapt to new cultures

Junior Gian Sabling plays his favorite sport that he grew to love after moving here. He enjoys playing soccer with his friends and it makes adapting easier. At school having structured sports is exciting for students who move here.
Ella Gag, Social Media Editor October 27, 2019

Students born and raised in other countries adapt to the culture when they move to the United States. A significant amount of work goes into changing the way a person lives. At school, there are students...

Andrea Kaiser sells paintings at local and online businesses

Andrea Kaiser's art is sold in a shop called Smith and Mercantile in downtown Stillwater. many people stop in the store to view her work, as well as other artists'.
Ciara Kessel, Camera Editor October 25, 2019

16 year old junior Andrea Kaiser started a revolution in her own future. Kaiser started her own online business and in-store business. Selling her paintings in-store at Smith and Trade Mercantile and online...

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